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  1. It's not gold, or silver or anything except stailess steel, but it's very thin and I like it!
  2. Morning all... This was my grandfathers, well beaten and worn. Does anyone know anything about Nivada? There's very little on the web. Also, the back looks not just flush, but more inset. There is no space for a blade, even having looked with a 40x loupe!
  3. Unfortunately not British or a pocket watch but it is big 60mm+, maybe you could tie a bit of string to it and hang it round your neck :lol: :lol: OOohh I like that!
  4. I'm sure someone out there loves that finish! Quite quirky looking overall. If the lady on my arm was wearing it, I wouldn't object... :kiss1:
  5. Got this doing a swap for some diving hardware. The lower crown moves the inner (white) bezel. Only thing is, I'm not sure of the date. Any ideas? Miles
  6. Personally, I prefer the Omega, but there again, Rolex do tend to catch the eye. I would personally wait a little, and see if anything catches your eye as you surf the web. They are 2 very fine choices, but why limit yourself? I found that (for instance) this has been turning my head for a year or so! One day...
  7. Excellent! Thanks Chris. I suspect that the watch is earlier rather than later. The milling pattern on the back has been all but worn away. No sign of a movement calibre yet or any such thing but a LOT of servicing marks. It keeps pretty good time too.
  8. Anyone recognise this as a hallmark? Taken with a 40X loupe held over the lens... :good:
  9. I can't see a mark anywhere Seismic. I suspect that it's so similar to yours it's not an issue, but I'd quite like to know! I also have my loupe and can see the smaller mark above and central to the other 2 is another lion, in a similar style. Cheers Miles
  10. Can't see any marks for the movement type... any clues folks? Miles
  11. I spoke to my Uncle P this weekend, as he is the family historian. It is in fact Uncle Charlie's pocket watch. Uncle Charlie was actually Henry Charles Souter, Esq., Head of Returns and Statistics Branch, Friendly Societies Registry which I am told was a fairly high ranking civil service position. I have a loupe now but am in Wales so I'll see if I can identify the marks later in the week. Knowing whose it was makes it much more personal I think. :good:
  12. This looks familiar, even down to the hallmarks... Flea Bay
  13. It certainly wasn't being given away but it was a good bit less than the current offerings on the bay so who would resist? At least it'll keep my other GSTP watches company.
  14. Thank you again Seismic. I have a tremble, so is it easy to get the movement out safely?
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