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  1. I've got one, the Coeur de la Sarre: Sarreguemines. Probably comparable with Longines in terms of quality etc A stunning dark blue sunburst dial. https://www.nivrel.com/en/news-blog/news/2012/anniversary-model-coeur-de-la-sarre.html
  2. I'd look at Stowa, Nomos, Junghans, Timefactors, Rado, George Jensen for starters. Some great and distinctive designs among them, and they are less run-of-the-mill than some choices, making ownership a bit more rewarding. Or Meistersinger if you want something very different from the norm. One for a day when knowing the approximate time is the relaxed vibe.
  3. PRS-25, the 36mm version. Have worn it on an aftermarket oyster bracelet for the last two weeks. It’s just about perfect. Alternatively a Unimatic U1-E. I’ve got one on a bracelet and it’s fab:www.ablogtowatch.com/unimatic-u1-e-watch-review/amp/ Different to the run of the mill without being weird.
  4. Agree, it’s s nice watch, but I’d always think of it as the Corgette!
  5. You can pick up an Explorer albeit it without box and papers, for under £3k without haggling, and it's certainly worth getting him to consider "used". Alternatively, just buy the 36mm Smiths PRS-25. Sublime, as even Explorer owners will admit to.
  6. I'd suggest this: SBBN031 https://www.seiyajapan.com/products/seiko-marine-master-professional-300m-diver-quartz-sbbn031 Despite how it might appear to be a large watch it doesn't wear large. I can't carry off anything over 50mm lugs or a larger case than 42mm, and this fits a small wrist perfectly, especially as the lugs are fitted curving downwards. Tough as old boots and the lume is nuclear! I picked one up to see what the fuss was about and to gauge whether it really could be carried off on a small wrist - any my God! What a piece.
  7. I've come close to going for one this weekend - what do you think of it?
  8. It mightn't end up that small Rog as the watch appears to be all dial?
  9. AVRO 504 Spitfire Hurricane Typhoon and Tempest Lancaster Bolton-Paul Defiant Short Sunderland Mosquito Swordfish Meteor Javelin Hunter Lightning Vulcan Harrier Jaguar Tornado GR1 Like the British aircraft industry, brilliant for a significant period of time, but now long gone, unfortunately
  10. Lovely the Art Deco-ish numerals. Very unusual I think. Time to dig around and see if they produced a steel version
  11. GSAR and CWC - two pieces which will complete my tiny collection. Great shots guys.
  12. Pity that you can't browse their store online. Could be dangerous if we could!
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