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  1. Im in Swansea, North Gower Apologies for delay in replying, I didn't see an email indicating a thread reply, I haven't been on the forum for a while! Andy
  2. I took another look and the current key is a 6, however it's not too good a fit even on the adjusting peg, do I suspect maybe it's the wrong key generally. My best measurement ( my cheap vernier doesn't have very good or narrow tips) is 1.5mm across the flats of the pegs approx? That would seem to indicate based on a quick google that my key should be 1.4 internal, and should work, so either it's worn also, my measurement is poor or both peg and key are worn enough to not work together any more.. Any one got any other info that might be of interest while we mulls try and see if it works or not?
  3. This was my late fathers; cant currently wind it as the square peg for winding is too worn for the key... key still turns the adjuster peg fine. Would really like to know more about it really enjoy his Lemania and want to get the same from this piece :) rear case by Abbadon2001, on Flickr movement by
  4. That looks almost identical to a Poljot I had for a number of years - unfortunately it gradually developed a number of faults which eventually killed it off - and I couldnt find anyone at the time who would do anything with it without charging more than 50% of its original purchase value! Not sure I have a picture anywhere!
  5. I think that's sound advice - I am not really confident, and wasn't really seriously considering it - I just thought I would ask - there doesn't seem to be anyone locally who will dare touch it - they can just about change a battery..... Andy
  6. so.... how do I drop the movement out if the pusher extends through the case? - this will be my first foray in to playing with my watch internals! Andy
  7. It appears the button for the stopwatch function on my lemania chronograph has somewhat risen further away from the case that it should do - feels like its almost going to come off, but isn't currently - it has revealed a small knurled ring just below where the button is currently sitting. See image below, loose button on lemain one by Abbadon2001, on Flickr if compared with the next image you can see that a few weeks ago it was not quite as far out... Lemania_back by Abbadon2001, on Flickr How do i deal with this? Andy
  8. my lemania Lemania_face by Abbadon2001, on Flickr Lemania_side by Abbadon2001, on Flickr Lemania_back by Abbadon2001, on Flickr
  9. can anyone now recommend a different watch repairer for me that might yield me a result? I dont really want to have to spend out another £200.00 on a second standard service seeing as its already had one, but I dont want it just gathering dust either! Im in South Wales, but I guess it could be sent insured to someone who is good with Lemania's Andy
  10. Images: Lemania_face by Abbadon2001, on Flickr Lemania_side by Abbadon2001, on Flickr Lemania_back by Abbadon2001, on Flickr hope you can get to those ok on flickr. Also a video of the movement also via iphone - this was taken when I first had it back from servicing. They were only taken with my iphone so not to an amazing standard!
  11. William, I have just re-set it and set it running, around 1 hour ago, its still running in my drawer, face up, but has gained 5 minutes! Its almost as if after wearing for a few days, something re-sets and it accelerates, and that aspect of the problem remains on or off wrist. Im sure if I wear it, it will stop again. I will let it run til tomorrow and see if it runs down the whole way, and then repeat with it face down. Welcom to the forum. :welcome: No idea what the problem is but I would be inclined to find another watch repairer. BTW get some pics of it posted Ill get some on to flickr or similar :)
  12. Good Morning, I inherited a Lemania One military Chronograph when my father passed away, and have recently had it serviced, as it had been stopping frequently. It runs well now, but only when not worn. When I wear it, it stops intermittently, and also seems to gain many minutes in a day if worn. Its been back to be inspected by the same guy twice, re-adjusted, and on the bench it runs perfectly and keeps good time for the age and type of watch. Can anyone shed any light on what might be the problem with the watch to cause this behavior? I need some help pointing this chap in the right direction, as it feels like im taking up a lot of his time for no additional gains for him... kind regards, Andy
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