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  1. Hi, i have a Favre Leuba bathy 50 in very very good general condition only the red hand is'nt original, so i'm looking for the red hand (depthgauge), anyone help me...also could you sell your red hand? Let me know Best regards Alessandro
  2. has not set their status

  3. Hi Mike, have you a seascoper III? let me know Regards ALFA
  4. very nice, i know it is one of the best chrono diver, the sector tested it very hard
  5. My brother foud it http://i44.tinypic.com/2d7c938.jpg
  6. The clasp external is not signed but internal yes the crown is signed
  7. yes, today afternoon i will post pics of the strap.
  8. Thanks Jon, you could see a part of my Caribbean collection here... http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?s...mp;hl=caribbean
  9. Thank Dave! I found it after 5 years and now i looking for a Caribbean chrono.
  10. Today arrived and i am very very happy so after long time i want post this fantastic Philip Watch Caribbean 1000m about 1960 automatic (mov. Hi-Swing 28800 or 36000 altenance) 50mm with out the screw crown.
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