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  1. I don't think it did have better production. For all the talk about it being filmed in 4K Ultra HD, high dynamic range colour blah, blah, it all looked pretty washed out on our standard HD Sony TV. The old Top Gear was a much better visual experience. It doesn't help that the 'studio' bits are shot in daylight. They all looked a bit ill. The content was pretty dull too. Hopefully the later episodes that are supposed to be like the old Top Gear specials will be better.
  2. Ha!, sod's law. I'm not on here very often and haven't looked in the sales section for ages. It's gone all posh too! Nice watch
  3. Thanks both. Hi Paul. No idea how many were made I'm afraid. Can't have been many though. I think I've only seen a couple for sale in the several years that I've been looking. I was googling after I won that dial and found a post from Keith on TWF from a few years back in which he says he thinks they were for the Italian market. My dial came from Italy, so maybe there's something in that. Even so, my ebay search was worldwide and I've still only seen a couple. Wore it to work today. I'm really liking it, even with the wrong hands and imperfect dial. The Omega logos look like a hologram under oblique lighting. Andy
  4. Been after an 'Anniversary Dial' SMf300 since Jon et al wrote their excellent article on Deskdivers A while back (four years ago ) I managed to get a black-dialled SMf300 that I thought was a parts watch, but which, after a quick service, turned out to be a runner. It's sat in my parts drawer ever since because the dial was absolutely knackered. Shortly after, I picked up a Titus 'SMf300' that was definitely a parts watch and that went into the drawer too. I've been meaning to sort them, but the Omega dial was in such bad shape I haven't bothered. Then a couple of weeks ago, an 'anniversary' dial (just the dial) popped up on ebay and I grabbed it. Yesterday, I put together the best bits of the Omega and Titus cases and braclets, added the original Omega movement and the new (to me) anniversary dial. The dial isn't perfect, but neither is the case. I'm more than pleased with it though. Makes a nice companion for the strapper version...
  5. A few years back ebay was flooded with them coming out of Hong Kong. They were £60 - £70. Cheaper than the NOS movements. I bought a few as parts donors. Still got one that's a runner and a couple of dead ones that'll serve as index wheel donors. And they weren't just Omega cases. One that I sacrificed turned out to be a re-badged Roamer Sonic 300. Oops.
  6. That's because we worked out that all the rust-free ones are in California. It'll be 60 in October. No underseal, just a long life in southern California.
  7. Interesting project Paul. How about cutting a out a dial to look something like an old-school steering wheel, leaving the centre as a hub with spokes and a rim? The 'hub' would retain the hour wheel and the rim could look like chapter ring. I'm thinking a tinted crystal would look good too. The right shade would highlight the colour of the copper wheels and coil windings.
  8. The map is incomplete. It's also missing several that landed in Teddington. A raid straddled the railway line, damaging a school and some houses including a group of four or five houses about 50ft from my late grandparents' house that backs on to the railway, and more houses on the other side of the tracks. My grandad was away on service, but my nan was in the house with my Dad (a toddler at the time) when the siren sounded. They were in the shelter at the end of the garden when the bombs hit. When they came out, one house was completely gone, and a few others were too badly damaged and were pulled down. An elderly woman was killed in the house that was destroyed. They never found her remains. The bombsite was used for lock-up garages from after the war, until a developer bought the land and built houses on it again within the last decade.
  9. Nice. Solari flip clocks are very cool. I'm guessing this one uses some sort of Jeco movement rather than Accutron or ESA?
  10. Bet this guy was after this... Ouch...
  11. I got a new nib and barrel for a Parker 95 that I've had for years from The Battersea Pen Home... http://www.penhome.co.uk/nibs/parker-nibs.html Haven't used them for servicing because mine was a simple swap, but they've been around for years. If you contacted them I'm sure they'd be able to advise you on how to find the markings to identify the nib that you need.
  12. Nice. Have you got the right hand set for it?
  13. Oo, chuck us over galaxy caramel.
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