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  1. It's definitely quicker, even on my ICS android with lousy data connection
  2. It takes me back too. I've smoked both those brands in my youth, along with now defunct brands such as Player's Weights, Passing Cloud & Peter Stuyvesant
  3. I very much doubt that the management's remuneration has been reduced, as they will certainly be salaried/under contract. The rig operatives will be trained/skilled as well because the employer won't want to risk the rig or find their insurance doubling. The rates for unskilled cannon fodder may have been frozen,but they are not likely to be in a position to cause much damage with heavy plant
  4. Sod all to do with "day rate" and everything to do with failure of management procedures
  5. I'm afraid that I can't see the Reaper, just a dead Tommie cradling a dead German and both pleading for it all to stop.
  6. Nice job, and it confirms my belief that applied markers have no place on a serious tool watch.
  7. Thos. Russell & Sons did make wristwatches, indeed I have one, the movement is Swiss though, and not decorated
  8. I have the offspring of your car, a '98 C70 T5 auto, comfort personified, I also have the same watch.
  9. I used use these Lee Enfield No 4's in the CCF, 4" group at 300yds open sights
  10. Lee Enfield Buttt mounted cleaning kit, you can see the oiler at the top
  11. There used to be something similar in the stock of a Lee Enfield .303 , It held gun oil.
  12. Sounds to me that the "clutch" is not disengaging, probably needs a touch of lubrication
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