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  1. Hi, How do you check the manufacturing year of old omega pocket watches? Is there a (hidden) page for it on the omega website?
  2. I don't know for sure if all Omega crystals have the logo , but i believe most of them do certainly the vintage ones , they do sometimes get polished out or it may have been replaced with a generic crystal at some time. As already mentioned it is a front loader so the crystal needs to come off to get the movement out. New crystals complete with logo are probably available from cousins but you need the case number , which of course is on the inside of the caseback ! So its a case of crystal off split the winding stem remove the movement and get the numbers , cheers Andy Well I have wanted to try "crystal removal" using one ofthe spidery tools bit not sure if this is a good piece to practice on!! I have not had much success with these omega tools. I have tried them for both 107 and 102 type crystals. I use compressed air using a mini compressor that is used for spray painting for models or airbrushing. It came with a nozzle that nicely fits over the bit in the case that holds the stem. Hold the case in one hand with the palm of your hand over the crystal. It pops of between 1.5 and 3 bar. It does not damage the crystal. I use a robur press tool to press the crystal back in place.
  3. Just finished restoring this seamaster, looks very similar as the original postings. This is a 166.020 case with 552 automatic movement. Cleaned, oiled and retimed, reuse perfectly , good for an other 50 years of service!
  4. Any suggestions where to get these hands? Cousins only seem to have the tritium filled hands on stock.
  5. Sharing my experiences, Bought barrel + mainspring for 565 movement from vacheron_n on ebay, listed as NOS. They arrived and were used, that was clearly visible. Reported this to them, no excuses, no offer to exchange them for new ( they still had them as NOS on ebay!), just offer to send them back for refund. So left negative feedback. As reaction they refuse to do any further business with me. So be aware, draw your own conclusions from this.
  6. Hello, I am working on restoring an Omega Dynamic with 613 movement and a white dial. I am looking for suggestions on what hands should be on this one. Currently have used an old pair of hands just to have something on them. I like the black infill, gives good contrast against white dial. However in Cousins catalogue I can only find white dials with luminous infill. Anyone knows what hands were used originally on this type of dial?
  7. Hello Are the bracelets used for some of the seamaster models the same as the ones used for the omega geneve dynamic models, Came across the following specs in the internet: OMEGA 1970s Seamaster Cosmic 2000 Steel Bracelet Bracelet reference: 1317.378 Total Length: 17cm End Fitting: 24mm by 10mm case fitting The end fitting dimensions are the same. Peter
  8. Hello I am a keen enthusiast in Omega Geneve Dynamic watches. I recently lost mine in Perth and am on the look for a replacement. No one has reported a finding to the police yet. I had it for 40 years ( bought it in Aug 1971 ). It was a ST 135.0033 model,caliber 601 (manual winding mechanism) metal band, silver dial face with blue circle . I have managed to find a similar model but with date function. Seconds hand ir not original and dial a bit scratched. So keen to find replacement parts and a 107 tool to start with. Peter
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