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  1. I've just been stressing about why there's a 4 second discrepancy between my phone's time and the atomic Casio which should be exact. Turns out the phone time is off. Oooft! The OCD relief.
  2. My orange and baby blue ones. They are ideal little beaters.
  3. Here we have a newly arrived pair of G-Shocks. GW-M5610 (3159) tough solar multiband. GA-150A (5255). Somewhat pleased with both of these.
  4. It looks like a dial test indicator.
  5. Amazingly we've just been talking about watches in the work and I mentioned the Dave Scott NASA mission Bulova. That would be my favourite. :D No current Bulova but I did have a lovely Astronaut hummer a while back. That was sold to our honourable host.
  6. A few of my exes on show there. Explorer II, Speedsonic and Davosa 'Yachtmaster'.
  7. As per the G thread. My new vintage jelly Frog.
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