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  1. The irony of the fact that you would be an immigrant, seems lost on you..... I am white...... the clue was in what i wrote. Not every one in the world is allowing their country and heritage etc to be ruined . So.... White-skinned immigration into a country with a predominantly white-skinned population maintains the existing cultural balance? Is that what you're saying? Or are you not saying anything at all? As for heritage, I'm always confused by that statement. For example, my parents are white Anglo-Saxon protestants who believe in God and have a slightly more right wing view of the world. I'm a liberal athiest who likes different music to them. Is that the result of Asian or West Indian immigration, or is it simply a generational shift borne of a different education and life experience? Iceland is clever enough to be able to learn from others . They don't want to allow people in who will start demanding changes etc to fit in with their mad 3rd world believes etc . May not be "Correct" in todays "PC" world, but it suits them fine and thats why there is almost zero crime there . now i wonder why.................?
  2. The irony of the fact that you would be an immigrant, seems lost on you..... I am white...... the clue was in what i wrote. Not every one in the world is allowing their country and heritage etc to be ruined .
  3. Porcelain tiles are no good for DIY people .The damage a single tile can cause if it pops of will seriously hurt someone and smash the bath etc to bits . with a large tile, a loss of foot etc is easy its 2014.......PVA is absolute rubbish for most things .Its only used by cowboys in the trade . plaster boards have no place in a bathroom . steaming a skim that is on plasterboard will only take the paper off the board etc unless you really know whats going on, use ceramic on walls
  4. Ruder in Iceland ?????? bloody hell.....nicest people i have ever met ! of Investment issues, look at how they have recovered !!!! I would be there tomorrow given the chance , schools better , very little in the way of "immigration issues and all the other religious madness destroying the Uk. Crime almost nil and everyone has a home and money .
  5. Seen that many times....it helps when the teachers are able to teach using one language and not have to deal with 10000 kids all speaking yadi da and not understanding whats going on. Parents and the whole "family unit' are so much stronger and behind the children. The place makes the Uk look like a third world country I was able to phone the PRESIDENT directly and talk to her when i was there. No security , no egos , just a lady who wanted the best for her country .
  6. Find a Omega guy that does a little "private work" on the side there aer many , Rolex also
  7. Most of them models look worse than the coats :lol: :fox: its thad mad mix of metro sexual meets single speeder coffee shop look
  8. Ha ha....whatever next! :lol: A coat with a 'watch window'.....I've seen it all now! As a few members have pointed out, my Barbour may be worth a few quid....especially as it's not been worn much, and also has the zip out fleece lining. I might put it up in the 'Off topics' section of the SC in the next few weeks....I might get another watch out of it. My winter coat of choice, and one I've had a few years now is the North Face McMurdo parka....named after the McMurdo ice station in Antarctica. Supremely warm, waterproof and windproof. Having mentioned that I might put the Barbour up for sale, I decided to have a look today, and got it out of the cupboard at work where it's been hanging for the last few years. I think I may have to revert to my original plan and bin it....it was completely covered in mould.....none of the other coats in there were affected...just the Barbour...must be something in the wax. didn't have the camera with me, or I'd've taken a pic...will do one next week. Looks horrible! :eek: Its just doubled in value...... get it cleaned a bit and sell it. Italians love knackered barbours
  9. yes , but i never ever go above what i want to pay ever. its a rule that in the long run works well for me
  10. maybe a "thinking mans" 103 its a stunning watch
  11. nothing more than a polite PM to every concerned . things happen and people need to understand
  12. I popped into the Barbour shop a couple of years ago and ended up buying a Bushman coat and a jacket for the 710, probably the best jackets we've had, if I recall the the wax smell only lasted a couple of weeks, anyway if you are chucking it in a skip can you make sure it's in a skip over my way :lol: unless a Barbour has been sent back for a few repairs and waxing etc , they look rubbish .
  13. I think the resident troll was having a go at the use of waterproofing instead of membrane :yawn: no..i was explaining that Gortex does not have any surface applied water proofing . so it cannot be washed of like other types of jackets . Paramo etc uses a coating type product which will wash off .Its still one of the best mountain jackets going and the one i would now buy . The world has moved on since the late 80's when Goretex arrived in the high street even though it a lot lot older .
  14. To be honest Goretex is not a great material I will not use it any more as their are far superior products . Ventile and paramo etc destroy Goretex for function and durability . Jo public just swallow the Goretex marketing
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