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  1. Hi Tim, 


    Do you still happen to have the gorgeous Provita chrono that I bought from you and then sold back you a while back!?


    Hope you'll well



  2. How about this? Gerry Anderson's (of Gerry and Sylvia, Fireball XL1, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlett etc) first show...anyone apart from me remember it? I only remember the reruns in the 60s...
  3. Congratulations Renato! Who would have guessed...?
  4. Hmmm, is Catherine Tate a new member of UKiP?
  5. The Woodentops, Bill and Ben, Twizzle (the first show by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson), Thunderbirds.
  6. 1971 Speedmaster 1963 Seamaster date 1963 linen dial 1968 flightmaster mega quartz
  7. Who writes this c**p? What a stupid value system. :tongue2:
  8. My brother relocated to Thailand twenty years ago and has stayed put and is really happy there! Good on you, hope you have a wonderful time. My wife and I have been a couple of times and we love it there. Shan't be moving there but I do envy you slightly!
  9. My wife and I have experience of being put on a "black list". It made us feel like we had done the right things.
  10. It was cloudy and raining here both nights when the shower was at its peak. I guess I'll have to wait for next year.
  11. You nutter Bond! Sounds like the sort of s**t I used to get up to when I was a teenager! Believe me, I'm still tempted to do stuff like that particularly in hospitals where staff are not allowed to show their sense of humour.
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