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  1. Glad to have found this, as I have been noodling around with putting up a photo to no avail! Another vote in favour of a sticky post that covers The 50 Post Rule!
  2. I wasn't trying to be pedantic, I thought I was adding to the discussion by explaining that 'deployment' is not in any way incorrect, in spite of what it might conjure up in the mind of any individual person. It's simply the english equivalent of the french word. The french verb 'déployer' means to unfold, from this, déployant is derived, and the english versions are deploy and deployment. Déployer is sometimes a military reference as well in french (but not remotely exclusively - exactly as in english) - but of course, that does not make it incorrect when used to describe a watch band that unfolds. I personally don't care for french words pronounced as though they are actually english, so I say it in french, or else I say 'deployment'. And I hear the same variations among other people in NYC and London (where I primarily shop for watches), and this is the first time I have heard anyone insist that it must be said in only one language. But of course I encourage people to say it the way that they want. :jump:
  3. That's right; you'll find it in a french dictionary. The word "deployant" is not in the Oxford English Dictionary, I just checked. Later, William
  4. 'Deployant' is the french name/word for deploying, and the clasp that deploys, in english, it's 'deployment'.
  5. The watch is a men's watch; it's the mid-size marine. I just prefer men's watches. It is not a complicated watch, however. It's just an automatic with date. Lisa
  6. My husband's JLC Perpetual Calendar cost more than that to service, although that may be down to the perpetual calendar. Breguet is so expensive, I am just presuming I am looking at near that for mine.
  7. Thanks for the advice, I am glad to know you have confidence in Steve at Ryte Time. I was worried that a number of places would say they were happy to do the servicing, but then it would go wrong, or I would find out years later that they had done something terribly wrong!
  8. Hello everyone, I've read here at the watch forum for a couple of years, but I've never signed up for an account, or posted, so I'm "new" in that sense. :D I've finally joined because I have a question: I've got a breguet marine that is about ten years old that has never been serviced. I haven't worn it in a long while though - and it was in watch winder that died (although I didn't notice it for what I think was some time), and now it won't wind and I need to get it serviced. Problem is that my situation has changed in the intervening years, and I can't manage the £700+ it will cost me to get the watch serviced at breguet. I have read on the forum about people's experiences with the people at C Heal and Ryte Time, and I'm wondering if some place like that is a decent choice for me, given that I can't afford breguet at the moment. Any wisdom and advice gratefully received, Lisa
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