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  1. I bought my Omega FOIS from SWD. It arrived next day but had some damage to the bezel & lugs, clearly not pristine/new. I spoke to Garry & sent some pix of the watch, he agreed & arranged to get it collected & sorted a replacement from a UK AD. Replacement arrived about a week later & all spot on. A few years ago, now though.
  2. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year everyone Stay safe
  3. Hi Don’t know how much you want to spend, but have you had a look at the ‘Atlas’ straps from TSS (The Strap Shop), they’re good quality at a reasonable price. I have a tan one on my Visodate. Cheers R
  4. So sorry to hear of Molly’s passing, I’m sure you have many happy memories.
  5. Just want to say what a top guy Simon is, I owe you a beer (or three). Cheers Ryan
  6. & positioned below Bremont!!!! No mention of Tudor??? R
  7. ^^ Yes I do – absolutely. & now the waiting begins…… Cheers R
  8. That’s my understanding as well. Thanks for all the ideas & suggestions guys. Cheers R
  9. That s/s one is just stunning - those must be the best flieger hands ever! Checked out the Fortis web-site, it doesn’t appear to be a current offering, ho hum Thanks for sharing. Cheers R
  10. Thanks Gents Some interesting alternative manufacturers suggested there guys. I would prefer a plain ‘no numbers’ bezel like the Stowa/Steinhart flieger offerings. Cheers R
  11. Hi Gents I’m looking for a pilot style watch with a GMT function for my next purchase. I like the look & spec of the Timefactors Speedbird GMT (PRS-22 GMT) & wondered if there were any alternatives/variations out there that I should also be considering. It has to be a manual/auto with a price up to £650/700, ideally 40mm & 20mm lugs, steel bracelet & date not essential but would be nice, with a clean understated, but classy look to it, new would be preferred (warranty). Also, I would like something from a respected & recommended non-mainstream manufacturer, (any chance Roy?). All suggestions & recommendations would be most welcome. TIA Cheers R
  12. Congrats, nice looking watch you have there Dim
  13. Congrats I was umming & arring over this one. If you don’t get on with it, can I have first refusal, please? Cheers R
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