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  1. thanks guys, very much appreciated, @scottswatches thanks, I am Midlands based so might be able to get over to the watch fair, will google now.
  2. I started collected G10's when my GMTII started increasing in value, I wanted to feel slightly less conscious when travelling on the underground, reaching up for the grab rail and exposing my watch. Whilst I wanted something 'every day' and less obvious, I still wanted something I enjoyed wearing and that had something about it, history and desirability etc. Anyway getting to the point, my life long friend wants to offload his GMTII and I am looking at purchasing from him. In order to get this past the Long Haired General, I will need to sell some or all of my CWC collection... I have been a keen collector of the navigator style and managed to locate and purchase the coveted 1980 "Fat Nav" which I am also prepared to let go to a worthy custodian at the right price... I am looking for some selling advice, happy to use this forum, another forum or eBay to sell, obviously very keen to get a guide on prices...
  3. I bought a couple in that kind of condition, I used some glass hob cleaner to buff the 'crystal' which is of course a plastic based lense... I put some hobrite on a micrfibre cloth and gently buffed the watch face down in straight lines back and forth.... here are my before and after shots....
  4. Photo's reposted.... Forgot I had a new edition, I recently acquired a mechanical not battery Nav also....
  5. I have managed to bag three including a 'Fat' Navigator even rarer still :) I can't see your pics, but if you're ever thinking of moving one of your Navigator's on then give me a shout :thumbsup: Cheers Dave Ah.. I had a tidy up in photobucket and moved folders, bear with me... Jason
  6. going back to this point, I have heard/read this somewhere, not sure if it was here on on another forum. as you say the mechamism is in effect hiding under the standard face in certain instances, I am sure I have read that some have had a new face fitted with a date window and some have modded by carefully creating a date window. memory is fuzzy but I am sure someone mentioned noticing something to do with the crown mechanism or in fact heard the date clicking over at midnight inside the case of watch.... Certainly worh a search on here.... MWR will also be a good place to look.... Jason
  7. I have managed to bag three including a 'Fat' Navigator even rarer still :)
  8. does yours look like this on the back?? and this on the front?? Jason
  9. I had an international delivery and it was listed as "measuring equipment" as it is used to measure time and did not have any issues with additional duty etc
  10. Spoke too soon.... the standard fat case is losing time fairly rapidly through the day, my fat nav seems to keep great time and then suddenly is about 10 mins out?? not sure what could be causing that?? maybe catching someone at a certain time of the day?? gotta go back to the chap... I dont think these can be "regulated" as they are quartz, does anyone know for sure?? Jason
  11. Possibly, Byrone sorted it for me giving it to "his man" Byrone had a shop in St Leonards Road....
  12. managed to find a watch chap locally (Northampton), retired officially but still does a bit from home.... cant do it comercially as would not be insured to hold lots of other peoples watches.... cost me £34 all in for both watches, I did drop them off and pick them up though... Jason
  13. Watch back and serviced, needed cleaning and oling, there was a short as the battery was draining instantly.... had my fat nav serviced also and the spec of something floating in the dial removed, both keeping excellent time for 32 yr old watches :yes:
  14. Finally had to happen I guess, I have bought "sold as seen" 6 CWC's all working brilliantly and accurately :thumbup: However with the 7th, depiste popping in the correct new battery in to a 1980 fat case it refuses to start :mellow: can someone recommend a possible repairer?? should I have a look see myself?? not sure what I would be looking at?? :unsure: thanks Jason
  15. has to be the rare fat nav, but the 2011 water resistant one is more of a daily wearer :yes:
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