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  1. There were no aggresive texts, not from me anyway. Things could have been different, I would have been happy with a contribution towards replacing the strap, but I was told to just send it back. Like i said, I didn't want to get into this, I just wanted the opinions to decide in my own head if I was being picky or right in thinking it's a crap job
  2. Not at all, I don't want to go into the story which is why I just asked for opinions on being neat or not. If what you believe is true surely I would have started this with look what ........... sent me
  3. That wasn't my intention. I didn't realise there are active members across the 2 forums, I didn't want to tell the full story which is why I just asked for opinions. Like said previously, one mans mint is another mans scrap so I was just looking to see if I was in the wrong / being too picky / whatever. Sorry if anyone's taken offensive at this, like I said I just wanted opinions to put my own mind at rest
  4. Never implied that you were up anyone's backside Nick, and for clarity, what was declared in the sales listing was 2 holes neatly added, not 2 holes roughly made with a hot screwdriver !!! yes I did ask questions about how neat they were and I was told they were fine and couldn't be seen once fastened. Funnily enough no pictures of the neatly added holes were included in the sales listing, nor are they now in the new listing.
  5. I have no intention of telling the full story, I was just after opinions, I know I would never do that to a £30 strap never mind a £300+ one
  6. Because I'm still fuming, wouldn't you be if you paid near £8k for that to arrive ??? everyone "over yonder" is up the sellers backside so thought I'd get a more unbiased opinion here. Hope that's ok with you Nick ? I'll remove if you're not happy
  7. Would you say this £340 strap is : A - Neatly done B - Destroyed
  8. Tom Cruise wears a Tudor Heritage Chronograph in Mission Impossible 2 Doesn't Sylvester Stallone always wear a Panerai in his films
  9. Sorry, I've never listed mine for sale, I only purchased mine in February this year. Although you are quite correct, my good stuff does spend most of its life in the safe
  10. Well you have to keep at least one for best don't you ???
  11. Every year for the past 15 years I've managed to have a motorbike holiday with mates (Italy, Spain, Holland and the like) and a family holiday to somewhere nice and warm with nice cold beer I could've had a brand new Seadweller with what it costs each year, but memories are made on holidays and I wouldn't change any of them for a watch
  12. £100 from your friendly Omega Boutique, I expected a genuine clasp to cost a lot more
  13. Having been a Rolex Submariner owner I was always a little disappointed with the lack of adjustment on the Omega Planet Ocean's, I could get them comfortable but when the weather changes they would always end up tight when warm and loose when cool. Well not from today ! I bought my Planet Ocean GMT Goodplanet a few weeks ago and as I once owned a Spectre Seamaster 300 Master Co Axial I knew that Omega made an adjustable clasp as that had one fitted, albeit with the 007 logo. So I ordered the clasp from the Seamaster 300 Master Co Axial, part number below : And hey presto, I have an adjustable clasp I know for sure that these will fit the 42mm Planet Ocean 8500 and the 43.5mm Planet Ocean GMT. I have been told that they will also fit the large Planet Ocean 8500 and the Chrono but I can't confirm as I haven't tried it myself. Gives a total of about 10mm adjustment and the clasp is substantially chunkier than the standard issue which is nice because I always thought the standard clasp was small for a rough and tumble dive watch. All in all I'm very happy with the outcome.
  14. To be fair I've heard the ceramic cased Omega's are very durable
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