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  1. Just a quick heads up that the PADI version (SNJ027) is again available for £357 from WatchO as part of their Black Friday sale. https://www.watcho.co.uk/Watches/Seiko/Seiko-Prospex-Arnie-Re-Issue-PADI-Divers-Solar-LCD-Alarm-Chronograph-Watch-SNJ027P1.html
  2. Do you mind me asking where did you get it for that price? List is £420 (although I'm sure that they will be available for much less, especially as they are not Limited Editions). I do prefer the SNJ028 (the black case with gold accents) - I wonder whether it will come to the UK at some point?
  3. Agree with most of the criteria, but a GMT hand is also a requirement for me in a holiday watch. Also, I'm not going to wear an expensive watch to a country where the affluence level is low - having a Rolex or similar on my wrist in places like the Dominican Republic or The Gambia, where many people don't even have electricity, just seems wrong. Just back from Vietnam, and brought two Seikos with me - a SUN019P1 for daytime and a SUN035P1 (but on a waterproof "leather" strap) for evenings.
  4. If it makes any difference, that watch (which does indeed have a white date wheel) is a Combat 6, whereas I have assumed that the rest of this thread has been talking about the Combat 7.
  5. Thank you very much! With the help of a torch and a loupe, the numbers are "V8AM4" "2824-2" "VZ" "ETA", so I guess that shows that mine has an ETA 2824-2 inside. I still wonder whether there's any correlation between having a Glycine logo on the dial and having the non-ETA movement inside?
  6. Told you I know next to nothing about the movements in my watches
  7. OK - some quick and dirty photographs:
  8. I have a Combat 7 that was first sold in 2012. It looks identical to the Combat 7's that T K Maxx was selling except that it does not have a Glycine logo above the word "Glycine" on the dial, whereas the T K Maxx watches do have the logo. Does anybody know when that changed - or even if the presence/absence of the logo indicates which movement is inside? Mine has a display back - is there any easy way (for somebody who doesn't really know his way around watch movements!) that I can tell whether it has an ETA inside?
  9. Sadly that won't protect you against a Not As Described claim - and PayPal allows buyers up to 180 days to lodge one.
  10. Just to be pedantic, single watches do not attract import duty in the UK. There is, however, 20% VAT (plus possibly a handling fee) to pay.
  11. For those who haven't been keeping up with events over on the dark side, it looks as if the corporates have realised that they had bitten off more than they could chew (especially in relationship to the whole issue of who owns the rights to photographs and words posted on TZ-UK), and ownership has reverted to Eddie. What will happen in the longer term is unclear, as Eddie's personal circumstances are such that he is struggling to find the (considerable) time needed to manage,maintain and moderate a forum of that size.
  12. Started off Porsche ownership with a 944 (first of the oval dash ones). Then got a 911 Carrera 3.2, which I kept for 18 years, and still miss. Also had a 928 S4 at the time, which probably felt the most "special" of any car I've owned - every time you got it in it felt like an occasion. My wife had a 924 and two 924S's, so at one point we had 5 Porsches in the house! These days it's BMW (E39 M5 and E85 Z4M Roadster), though I'm seriously tempted by a 996 Turbo.
  13. It's a bit disingenuous to be blaming Google for people stealing images - all they do is to provide an "index" to parts of the internet, and any other search engine can do the job just as well. The reality is that once an image is published on a web site, anybody can copy/store/edit/manipulate/republish it. Compound this with a generation who have no concept of the theft of intellectual property (not just images, but music, films, text, etc) and ANYTHING that you publish on the internet (not just photographs, but the text of adverts, short stories, blogs, articles, etc, etc) will at some po
  14. I contacted Casio UK about availability and unfortunately they won't be available here until September/October, and the price will be £750. I don't want to wait that long :-( so I've bought one of these and am awaiting its arrival:
  15. I've always had a fascination with technology. It may be old hat now, but I was completely fascinated when I fist got a watch which could actually receive the time through a radio signal and set itself correctly, with no manual intervention from me whatsoever.
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