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  1. Cheers, back again and it feels good to see some names I remember
  2. Good to be back, just seen I let my Nautilus go 9 odd years ago, never quite forgiven the tax man for that one! Hope to get back into things Simon
  3. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  4. Before Sunset and before Sunrise finding neverland
  5. Hi, I have used them and found them faultless and very cheap, esp as the kids tend to attack me with Kato style ambush move which wreck glasses. very strange they have not responded as i had contact with them last week. worth trying again Simon
  6. I have to agree, its a great watch and always gets a compliment Simon
  7. such helpful people hang out here
  8. really interesting, thanks James Simon
  9. YES, hopefully nails will grow back for next week, well done
  10. I do like this watch great catch Simon
  11. simonlincs

    419 Eater

    Well worth the full read
  12. James top man, thanks for making RLT forums just that bit extra special simon
  13. 66 James don't understand but it seems fun - Simon
  14. Some great pictures on this thread, very tempted i must say
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