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  1. Hi Welcome to the forum! If you go to tinkers corners they should be able to help with any questions on tool. Cheers
  2. Hi Welcome to the forum! Cheers
  3. I would say Omega but can you reveal the prices? If you get tired of the Omega it will probably be easier to sell on. Cheers
  4. Merry Christmas Roy and all flellow watch lovers! RLT is still the friendliest watch site around. Cheers all.
  5. Pip-Pip


    Hi Welcome to the forum. Cheers
  6. Hi Welcome to the forum. If you have any photos of your watches always good to get them loaded up for everyone to have a gawp! Cheers
  7. Hi Dan Welcome to the forum. You will get more replies if you add your question as a topic in the main watch discussion forum. Plenty of people interested in this type of price range and watch I'm sure they will help out. Sometimes members don't always look in on the introduce yourself page. Cheers
  8. Big fan of Sinn, I think they make great watches of high quality for a good price and really explore new materials and tech. Nice purchase. Looks best on the brown leather strap for me. Cheers
  9. I think a lot of people get too upset about speed posting. I agree it's annoying reading a lot of fairly bland comments but there are upsides. Firstly old threads get brought back and secondly as most speed posting is about getting to the sales section there are times when it's good have someone who actually wants to buy your watch! When the sales section is slow you need new blood who want to buy just as much as you need sellers. I know there is the problem of trust and the bonus of members selling often at lower prices but I just don't see speed posting as that big a problem. I myself was
  10. I think Omega are just pushing their luck and destroying the reputation of a great watch with all these bloody ltd editons... it must stop!! This example really proves the point that it's time to stop this madness! Cheers
  11. Hi Tim Welcome to the forum. I'm not a massive fan of quartz watches but I like the Mr Jones watches. He has taken explored some interesting ideas around the idea of telling the time which have some nice touches of humor and so great designs. Regarding your question modern v traditional like most things there's no rules to what's the best watch, just what's best for you! Good luck with your hunt and hope you enjoy the forum. Cheers
  12. Owned quite a few watches over the years and the most comfortable I've ever worn unfortunately I did not own!!! It was the AP royal oak and although its not really my kind of style it just felt absolutely fantastic. At 11 grand it's unlikely to be one in the the collection any time soon but what a watch . Strangely it's not a million miles away from the omega seamaster in the original post. Cheers
  13. One of my all time favourite watches and fantastic value for money. I had a max bill and a nomos myself and a big fan of German watches. Someone else mentioned it and its the same for me ... Love that number four!!!! Cheers
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