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  1. Kev thanks for the reply i will try and find something to measure it with and let you know
  2. Hi all anyone have spare links for this strap please? bought what i thought was the correct strap but it was too small. Cannot find one based on the serial number on the strap also can anyone help date this please? thanks in advance the strap code is 34CD-M-I the number on the back is 400760 thanks tried the seiko calculator but no joy on the date
  3. hi does anyone know where i can get a strip down manual of this watch particularly the module please i don't want the user manual i have that cheers
  4. Cheers for the info i know for a fact i have purchased the wrong battery did not know at the time there were variants thanks again for info
  5. Good Morning all just wondering if anyone can help? has anyone change the battery in a 8729M module before? does anyone know were i can get a diagram of the module which indicates which position the battery goes in as it is a capacitor battery it has the little fitment attached to the battery? Has anyone got a genuine crown and stem for this module i can purchase? I have one off another Citizen which does when pulled out change the date and the time but i am unsure if its the correct one. thankyou i don't think the crown and stem are correct based on the gap between the bezel and the crown as seen in the pic but would value an informed opinion?
  6. can anyone supply a reliable cheap place i can get this watch serviced please?
  7. Hi Just wondering if anyone could help me date this Seiko please details are 6139-7101 other number on the back is 882542 any help appreciated
  8. thanks Dave, sorted it, there was a pin which wasnt touching the back properly...cheers
  9. yeh that worked left em in the sun and now all the buttons work as well although no sound on the GE-002E one ...boo hoo
  10. thanks Dave appreciate the info
  11. Hi all, i have the following 2 watches PRG-100 and GE-002E both tough solars...the CRG is constantly flashing. They were totally dead when they came in but worked quickly after putting them in the daylight. Question is would it be advisable for me to just replace the batteries or just give it a few more days in the light? cheers
  12. seems this has rectified itself ...typical thanks anyway
  13. can anyone tell me the original strap codes for the following please? H556-503a and h249-5020 please many thanks
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