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  1. Drop me a pm. I think I have a mostly complete 2483 lurking
  2. I'm not Simon but here you go if you see the little button on the edge of the movement releases the stem. Assuming it's still in its red casing ring I would put back into the case (without the screws) and press the button to release the stem so you don't out pressure on the dial or hands
  3. what's the issue? its not sitting flat or its sitting in the overbanked position so isn't oscillating? is there any power on the watch? in not take off the pallet frame and pallets and try to sit the balance again, any faults may be easier to see
  4. I still can't find an ordering system that works for adverts. I end up with super old ads or expired ones on page one or ordering a-z or by member which makes no sense
  5. I seem to get the same ads from many moons ago, doesn't seem to be an order to it and they seem to make up when they were submitted
  6. market continues to plummet? they sure about that
  7. I also had a hummer filled morning Undecided on the longines but a good donor movement if nothing esle
  8. take a look at Est.1897. they have speedy from time time at decent prices they've got a sale on at the moment, the only have a pre moon with a new bracket on there at the moment but they update the watches quite regularly https://est1897.co.uk/filterSearch?adv=true&cid=0&mid=0&vid=0&q=speedmaster&sid=true&isc=true
  9. ^which is based on Sellita's SW510 MP movement
  10. Not sure exactly how many are but the arrow mono pusher chrono is a modified sellita too running at cosc
  11. Manufacture Royale for me this morning, on new stingray strap
  12. *insert "well that escalated quickly" meme here
  13. Did I miss the part with the movement? Surely an important part of the watch? The only picture I see is a 2824 you haven't signed?
  14. The bracelet game is strong with the iwc. They've really improved the feel and design. Also the one in the photo uses a 7750 whereas the new ones use their in-house 69***
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