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  1. Not sure what's going on but after making an offer on a watch today via here any having a few replies to my email I now keep getting spam for test driving Dyson Hoover's and some JD Sports vouchers. Only use my username on here for one here and they're using that in the subject. Any ideas what's going on?
  2. Off the the clock and watch fair this morning at the new Coventry venue, will I be seeing any of you there?
  3. if its modern it'll be far cheaper to scrap and buy a new one, they aren't dear and I doubt they'll have a very helpful after sales department. if the back plate is missing you won't have any of the important info; serial number, model number etc.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbeQHxQnjGw this chap maybe
  5. wonder if Aston let them use the Db6 on the back
  6. I always like seeing everything going on in a watch. Here's a somewhat cheaper mbf alternative
  7. Ive always been partial to the two dial navitimers, kind of feel a bit more vintage. This is my AB0126 with B01 movement and brown dial. Think it was around 2k on eBay about a year ago
  8. plated and quartz at risk of sounding mean isn't going to be very special with a spec sheet like that!
  9. Still $529 for a time only one. Import would put it high than the rrp
  10. the best example of LED watches being unreliable is the Sinclair Black watch, the history of those makes for interesting reading
  11. it does look very small, think the gents ines use the 1000 series movements?
  12. Of watches I wear it’s gotta be these two. A little white gold piaget measuring 28mm and an iwc big pilot at 48mm+ridiculously huge crown
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