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  1. Hi Tim, as FoxDog said, it's not like woodchip/anaglypta but more like a patterned blown vinyl, (both of which you can still buy today!) JAZ was the trade name of la Compagnie industrielle de mécanique horlogère (CIMH),founded in 1919, and for decades was the prime French manufacturer of clocks and alarm clocks. In the late 1960's French watchmakers in Morteau and Villers-le-Lac combined to form Framelec, which was taken over by JAZ in 1970. In 1974/1975 JAZ suddenly and briefly produced a number of watches, mechanicals, automatics, electrics etc. You can see a short history of JAZ on my page here: http://www.chambresd...m/electric.html Or, if you're interested in a much more detailed history of JAZ and their many & various clocks here (in French): http://www.enfrance.com/m.frindel/
  2. And, don't forget that Timex also produced such things as this 1975 GP 17 jewel, using an AS/Standard Time 1941 As well as Electric and Electronics such as this backset Electronic, using a derivative of the original Laco movement:
  3. This arrived today, just in time for Xmas day. With a big thanks to my good friend Chris in Atlanta, without whose help it would have never left the US. LeGant was a brand of the Montgomery Ward department store and mail order company. Made in 1973 it runs a Seiko 3302A movement which is only accessible through the crystal and has the crown between 2 & 3. The sellers photos made it look like poor chrome but it's actually the gold toned sister of one of the LeGants on Paul's site. It came with what, judging by the fine gold colour match, could well be the original bracelet, a gold filled Flex-Let. 1951 advert There's an identical NOS bracelet, on fleabay the moment with a Buy it Now price of $125, which makes me EXTREMELY happy with the very low price we got the watch for!
  4. Nice drizzle today, driven along by an even nicer wind, so no putting up new fencing, so indoors wearing this:
  5. The early Timex true quartz "Q" from circa1979/81 were jump minute, and used movements like the Model 44 & Model 56. The earlier Q's were quartz controlled balance wheel movements. (You could get a good few for your budget :) )
  6. Well it IS French, but not a thoroughbred, more of a mongrel, I got it because: I liked it It's my family name I liked it I was expecting it to run a fairly mundane Swiss 17 jewel, but no, it has a FE 702x series, (probably a 7021), 1 Jewel quartz!
  7. Is your collection one of a generalist? Or, does it have a direction? My collection grew to over 100, and the only theme was that a lot of them were French. So I decided to stop buying, but not sell anything until I found an area I wanted to base my collection around. Only then did I decide to sell some of those which didn't fit in with the new scheme of things. Now I'm much more selective than when I had the "I haven't got one of those" urges. It maybe you decide on a single brand, or a type, or whatever you find excites you. Then you'll know exactly what to do.
  8. This is the land of the peasant, locally made black pudding a plenty, trotters, pigs heads, and all sorts of offal. Big potato pies with sausage meat are a local speciality, 'tis a "waste not want not" locale. No time for fancy stuff like stuffing garlic butter up a snail. :lol: Mind you, anything tastes OK; (even haggis I reckon), after a couple of glasses of local eau de vie made at the travelling distillery, or a few beers from the local artisan brewer 250 metres away :thumbup: Or, if you're a red wino, I have a supplier you'd love, 5 litres of vin de pays for 4.65€, (white is an extra 0.75 cents). So, wholesome and hearty, lots of home grown/reared and local stuff, but nary a Michelin star in sight. The big moan is that this area is famous for its sheep and beef, both being Appellation Controlé, and which all now goes to Paris, and so is far too expensive for us impoverished locals.
  9. One of my favourite Model 87 Timex watches is the model below --- I think this dial design is great. At one point, I was buying these whenever they appeared on ebay, and I now have 5...since I'm now "cured", I wont bid on any more, but I could PM you when I see one if you're interested --- let me know. Thanks Paul, that would be great Over here, other than at the top of the range items (and over priced LIPs) electrics are hard to find. There are a good few in the US, but many won't deliver to Europe, and some that do want ridiculous money to deliver. I've made an arrangement with a friend in Alabama, and he will bid for me and forward it on to me after I transfer the money to him. He just got me a LeGant like your white dialled one, which nobody in the States seemed that keen on, Hopefully it will be here by Xmas. The only difference I can see between this one and yours, is yours is in a stainless steel case, and the back of mine says it's a base metal bezel, otherwise they seem to be identical. How is Brighton these days? I haven't been there, other than when driving through from Newhaven to Worthing to see the family for a few years now.
  10. Insomnia is no stranger to me, either I can't sleep, or if I do I'm wide awake within 4 hours or so. Fields full of sunflowers, growing blacker by the day as the seeds in the heads ripen, 3 weeks earlier those same fields vibrated with yellow. Limoges is rather strange. It tries hard to be a cosmopolitan city, but in reality it's Stoke on Trent with slightly more style! Few Brits spend a week in Limoges, it's more usually a stop over on the way to or from the south. Go a few kms in any direction and you're back in the countryside, and if you go off the beaten track, even just a little, you can still feel like you've stepped back in time. Here, 40 minutes from the centre of Limoges, it's like that but even more so. I have neighbours, long retired, who still live in the same house they did when they were first married in the 1950's, and that's the norm. Anyway enough of the traveller's tales
  11. Are you anyway near this part of France? http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-12058674 No where near sadly, the only visitors we get this time of the year are only here because they got lost along the way to somewhere more entertaining, :)
  12. hmmm the world ends 21/12/2012 does it? Well, as it's still roughly 1960 in this part of France, nobody round here is going to notice, and if for some strange reason they do they'll blame it on Paris and just carry on regardless!
  13. After the recent flood of gorgeous and, although I hate to use the word, genuinely rare watches, I bring you the latest find from the murky bottom end of the market. This one arrived today, a backset Timex with a Model 87 Electronic movement. The seller's photo was actually quite flattering in comparison with what dropped out of the envelope, However, after half an hour, this was the result It's now been on my wrist for the last 12 hours, and, at the risk of asking for trouble, it has kept perfect time so far. I won't go so far as to say how much it was, but, here, where it's a 70km round trip to buy a watch battery, it was less than the price of a watch strap at the big Carrefour in Limoges. I know its not every collectors dream watch, but it pleases me, and that's the whole point of collecting anything. .
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