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  1. Eden Lake for me too- there's something about it that makes you think it could actually happen for real in Britain!
  2. Very nice. The moment I saw it, it reminded me of something. Took me a while to remember what, but in the end it reminded me of the clocks in Canary Wharf. There is a photo on Flickr, that illustrates it quite well: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamescridland/2469743771/
  3. What a great watch. I would definitely leave the dial alone- after all it is still easy to see the numbers. You can remove scratches from the crystal with a product called Polywatch. I've removed some thicker scratches from plastic crystal before using fine sandpaper, but usually Polywatch is sufficient. Does the current strap have an Omega buckle- if so you want to make sure that is transferred to the new strap? I've been to watch shops before where they don't do this unless you ask...
  4. It's good to be prepared- I started off with only 1 watch and then started getting more and more. Trying to set myself a bit of a limit though!
  5. Welcome Bill- I'm sure you'll like it here, 15 years is quite a long time- sounds like you must have quite a collection? I've been collecting for a couple of years and have 8 watches- trying to not get too big a collection!
  6. Definitely a good idea to take your time. Looking at some of the "what watch I am wearing today" type posts on the forum will certainly help. You can get a Flightmaster and another watch for well under £2K- you just have to know where to look.
  7. I find the best subtle watches, are 1950s style mechanical watches with subsidiary second hand dials. I have both an Omega and Movado in these styles. You could get a couple of these, which I think are great for work without being too flashy. With the change I'd consider getting an Omega Flightmaster- I absolutely love mine, but given its size it could definitely be seen as flashy. Of course I'm biased as I've only ever had vintage watches!
  8. That is sad. I always tell my girlfriend that vintage watches whilst not exactly investments, can easily be sold if cash needs to be released- seems to work. Better than spending money on cars you could add!
  9. I'd never read that article- thanks, it looks quite useful.
  10. I actually like one of the comments on that review: "This complaint would be akin to buying a luxury car with 400+ horsepower and complaining the tires smoke when you floor the gas. People should research what they are buying before they put ignorance on full public display."
  11. I like it- unfortunately I'm also clueless on the watch- looks like a conversion to me though. I also like the pocket watch stand- never seen one like that. Regards, Richard
  12. Welcome James, I'm mostly interested in watches, but I can see that extending to clocks- only problem is I live in a flat, I need to buy a house first. Once I've got a house I'm convinced I'll also get an unhealthy clock obsession!
  13. Luke, Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed reading your post and looking forward to the next one!
  14. Good advice- I always use Renata batteries in my tuning fork watches. A leak with "cheap" batteries would be a disaster!
  15. Great collection- must take ages to get them all running!
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