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  1. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more it's getting on my nerves. I've written to the seller & to the UK Fortis service centre who I know are working at the moment.
  2. No, bought it used. As I said, it's really hard to get a decent picture of it, so it didn't show up on the advert pictures, I guess I could return it as I've only had it a couple of weeks. I'll see how much it costs to clean it. The only problem with getting it cleaned is actually finding someone working at the moment.
  3. Noticed the other day that in a certain light and at the right angle, there appears to be a darker, blacker smudge like mark on my watch dial. It's quite hard to get a picture of it, but it's between 8-9 and extends out to the second subdial. You can just make it out on my picture. To me it looks like someone may have touched the dial at some point and it's left a finger mark. Most of the time you can't even see it, but when I catch it at the right angle, it really bugs me. Do you think this is something a decent watch repairer can clean up or am I being overly critical at this point?
  4. So it does.......ah, I know what it was. I had my VPN set to a Norway. Yeah, that’ll do it. Thanks for heads up.
  5. Looking to get a new strap from my Fortis B42. I checked the Fortis website out and unless I’m missing something, they sell the trap and clasp for 190 Swiss francs......but they have no online shop. So, I search all the usual places for straps etc and it appears if I buy that pair, I’m going to be lucky to get any change from £300. Do these places just jack up the price because it’s classed as an premium brand? There must be a way I can buy from Fortis directly.
  6. Yeah, it's getting that way. I only use it as it's easy & convenient. but pretty much every decent watch I've sold on there has been 'mare.
  7. Yep, everything was tested. I was wearing it regularly before I sold it and I never had complaints. Granted, I rarely, if ever used the chrono function, but I did check that it worked and returned to zero. I didn't see any scratches on the glass.....but they can be minute & only visible under magnifying glass, so I wasn't to know. He said that he's got a watch repairer friend who will take a look at it. As odyseus10 did, I'll probably make a token gesture to pay for any repair, I'd rather take a £50 hit to get it sorted than to find £800+ to refund him.
  8. I think it was pretty much the same wording used on the For Sale section here.The guy is German, so his english is a bit iffy, so things may be a little twisted in translation. The auction wording was: Fortis B-42 Pilot Pro. Model Number: 635.10.11 Case is 42.5mm across and 15.5mm deep. The watch is equipped with Swiss-made Valjoux 7750 automatic calibre that performs 28 800 vibrations per hour and has 25 bearing jewels. Other movement characteristics include Incabloc shock absorber and fine timing device. Watch is in lovely condition. Recently had the case cleaned so it's looking very tidy. Keeping very good time & all functions work perfectly. Comes with Fortis leather strap & deployment clasp. The strap has only been on the watch for a couple of months so is still in great condition. No Fortis box or warranty card. But I will supply a generic watch box if sold. He doesn't seem particularly aggressive about it....yet. As mentioned, the money I got from the auction is long gone, and I don't really have the money to refund him if it comes to that.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, it's an Ebay thing, to avoid all the grief I'd probably offer the refund. Just a shame I've already spent the money I got from the sale.....guess I should have waited until I knew they were happy. I don't understand some people, seems to me they only buy stuff just to have a moan & try and get some money back. I think I've only ever sent a watch back once, and that's only when the description didn't match the general condition of the watch, i.e "Watch is in lovely condition" and it turns up looking like it was dug up from a swamp.
  10. Ok, recently sold a watch (not on this forum). I've just had a mail from the buyer saying: The pushers are not in the normal position, but diagonally and do not run back clean. The chronometer does not jump over the seconds counter. The wave of the crown is bent. The sapphire crystal is dirty from the inside and slightly scratched. Now, I'm not a watch expert, I just like watches, I don't get involved in taking them apart and all that, as long as they work as they should, I'm happy. So, apart from the dirty crystal portion, I have no real idea of what is being referred to. Can anyone shed any light on what the rest means? To my untrained eye, he seems to be pushing that it just needs a service. Being that it was an automatic, that's not going to be cheap is it?
  11. Shouting at it doesn't seem to work, so it's heading to the shop tomorrow.
  12. Why all of a sudden has my Victorinox Alpnach Auto decided that the stopwatch hand is no longer going to reset to 12? Its so annoying and I'm too anal to let it rest, it needs to be fixed!! If it was a quartz, no problem, easy to sort out, an automatic has to go into the shop doesn't it? Grr.
  13. For the Fortis strap, I thought the main giveaway was that Fortis didn't use split pins for the links, I thought they all had screw-in pins.
  14. Anybody would think they had something to hide [emoji3], surely not. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  15. Looking to get a replacement stainless strap for my Fortis. Came across this site: http://www.classictimeparts.co.uk/product/new-fortis-20mm-stainless-steel-gents-watch-strap-matte-brushed-finish-flieger Surely this has to be fake? Looking at the other stuff on the site, Omega straps for £25 etc, I'm thinking, yep, dodgy as hell.
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