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  1. Services travel clocks y'say... That said, might be getting rid of a few timepieces soon (if anyone has parts for a 1934 Austin 10, you get priority)
  2. Well, the car would be incomplete without a dashwatch
  3. You may see a few Services going out of my collection, but that won't be among them, too classy.
  4. I do happen to know where there's a quite reliable one, just been serviced in fact... Sadly, I've basically stopped on the watches (for now...sure) due to getting a extra feature for this watch: If anyone has some spare parts they'd be willing to ship to Australia...
  5. Here you go mach, a rare RFC "Services" watch. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A-Rare-Unusual-Great-War-WW1-RFC-Infantry-Officers-Trench-Pocket-Watch-/251400738630?pt=UK_Collectables_Militaria_LE&hash=item3a88a6d746
  6. You taking it to Jewellers or a Watchmaker? A good watchmaker should be able to fabricate that part.
  7. Naw, I may like the watch, but I'll never deal with a seller like that.
  8. Popped in an offer for half of what the first auction ended at, they responded with a counteroffer of £27. A great saving of £3 off the buy-it-now.
  9. I'd suggest sticking in a report to eBay, they're not too big on that sort of thing. Pity, it's a nice example.
  10. Hello tedwyn, Welcome to the forums! The above members are quite correct, your watch appears to be a quite uncommon "Stealth" watch issued to the SOE during WW2. These watches were designed to have no defining characteristics, or charecteristics at all. Very few of these watches survived, due to many being misplaced in action. If it's not running, it could be an issue, as few jewellers are qualified nowadays to work on these models, as most of the expertise and documentation surrounding them has sadly been lost to time.
  11. That's a classy looking clock, I must confess. Any markings on the movement?
  12. Well, since Shiner appears to be the winner, if you want to PM me some mailing details, I'll send you the Smith's.
  13. Happy to post that the Sandringham is only running 4min slow. I'm quite impressed for a watch that turns 101 this year.
  14. Running about 1min fast on the Sandringham:
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