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  1. Lots of people on here spot on about the bay... Woeful place. I added up last night how much it was to sell my watch and, at around 3500 it came in at something like £112... No wonder people pull funny stunts!
  2. Here in Newark we have a Timpsons in our Morrisons however I don't understand how they survive when the real cobblers round the corner charges about half their price... Took my work shoes into Timpsons on Saturday and they wanted £48 for a re-sole. Local guy £26 including heels... Sorry it's OT but just wanted to rant...
  3. Just do mine one at a time as I wear them, hardest being the Casio pininfarina which needs a degree in maths to sort!
  4. Great photo's... Trying to work out where they were taken, sort of looks like either the University boatyard in Nottingham or by the boating lakes in Norwich (Colman Rd).
  5. At least his feminine side took the interest away from the SEB show, and what about Lewis.... not penalised? BLOODY HELL!
  6. Damn.... I have been stood here since this morning... but feel a mole at the counter
  7. guys, Started yesterday by grouting the shower, this morning I sealed it using Homebase sealant. I threw the tube away this morning at 0830 and it's now buried under a load of nappies... so I won't be going in to retrieve.... Anyone know how long it takes for normal sealant to go off and become usable? TIA Alex
  8. WOW!! Some people have amazing talents!! (and are good looking..)!
  9. May be useful if he can download all the drivers from the Dell website and then place those on the HDD. Also make sure in the BIOS taht auto detect for the HDD is set up. Finally it may be worth setting the boot options in the BIOS, HDD first.
  10. Yes yes I know.... Using Chrome and I pressed the 'Add Reply' button, nothing happened so I pressed it again... Guess what? 2 replies! Sorry guys....
  11. My FIL has several of these (he is an avid modelmaker) and he loves them.
  12. Three euros for a watch, that's a bit expensive for Spain!
  13. That guide is amazing, I had no idea..
  14. No matter what, that is a good looking unit!
  15. Sweet watches there Woody, if I remember right the ana/digi has an altimeter?
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