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  1. ive still got it jonny,still one of my favorites.
  2. hi, i have been a member for a number of years but serious health matters over the last couple of years has kept me occupied,hopefully after 2 major ops in the last five days i can turn the corner & return to some normality.looking forward to getting caught up with things.
  3. vek

    Song Titles Game

    on the wings of love jeffrey osborne
  4. vek

    Song Titles Game

    down in the park tubeway army
  5. vek

    Song Titles Game

    good girls dont the knack
  6. replacement arrived very quickly & all is well
  7. vek

    Song Titles Game

    you make me feel (mighty real) sylvester
  8. yes it was,it was if it had a life of its own.
  9. well the watch finally arrived this morning,looking great but when i went to set the time the second hand had a mind of its own moving erratically around the face. i have decided to return it hopefully for a normal functioning replacement.
  10. after quite a few quiet months on every front i kept coming back to this citizen auto diver.although i have a few divers already that see frequent wear i just really liked this one. a 10% voucher from ebay & that was enough to break my resistance.i think it is good value at £135 with the discount.sorry about the stock photo but its the best i can do until i get my paws on it.
  11. vek

    Song Titles Game

    im not in love 10cc
  12. vek

    Song Titles Game

    i want to know what love is foreigner
  13. vek

    Song Titles Game

    words of love buddy holly
  14. vek

    Song Titles Game

    honey dont the beatles
  15. vek

    Song Titles Game

    give me love (give me peace on earth) george harrison
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