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  1. You've got a point, but what I really meant is that I dress mostly casual, and whenever I wear a suit, will be a 3 piece. Perhaps I chose the wrong words. Thank you all for the compliments, it is a nice watch indeed. I am trying to dig the history of those military issues, but there is very little about them on the internet. In regards of the collectability, I agree. There are very few Jaeger LeCoultre pocket watches, because the firm was officialy renamed Jaeger LeCoultre (instead of LeCoultre) in 1937, and that was in the very beggining of the wristwatches boom (where pocket watch
  2. Someone bought themselves a 2k frankstein. I would never buy it. Aftermarket bezel, and aftermarket dial. Not even the original bracelet. If you ever find a replacement in the 2nd hand market it will cost you about 400,500 pounds, they do not come very often. Anything aftermarket will ruin the value... Thats why is so 'cheap'. Whenever something is 'too good to be true' most of the times it will be too good to be true. Rolex will not touch it to service. Always be careful with US dealers, there are roomers that stolen watches from AD's in South America were being sold in Americ
  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to share some pictures and some info about my JLC pocket watch. After being forgotten in the drawer for a while (I do not wear 3 pieces suits that often). I decided to give it a service. (It was running greatly, but I had never serviced since I got it, which was a while ago, and it seems like the last owner did not service it very often either). These were issued only for the British military, in the late 30's to be used on the WWII. In the back it's engraved G.S.T.P (general service time-piece) and there is a serial number right underneath it that says F009647,
  4. Thank you all for the information, had no idea of the name, so it was a bit hard to use the search. In a lot of doubt if I am gonna buy it or not, but let's see.... Many thanks.
  5. Hey guys, I got offered a vintage Seamaster Chronograph, which is quite unusual, have not seen many around, and found close to zero information about them. (this picture was taken off the internet, not from the actual watch, but it looks exactly the same but the one I got offered is not in as good shape) I know in the forum there are some Omega experts, if you could help me out with more information about it and even oppinions, I would be very grateful. I know you are not able to give valuations, but it would be highly appreciated if someone could drop me a PM saying the a rough
  6. I don't think you've made a bad decision at all. And looking at the pics again now it does seem questionable regarding the difference of condition bewteen the case and the bracelet. I have been trying to chase a Dynamic for a while, but I always end up with the same problem, is either too beated up or too good to be true. All the best in your future purchases, tho
  7. Wearing a three-piece today, so my military (G.S.T.P) Jaeger-LeCoultre which has just come back from a service is getting some use! It's in pretty good shape for a 70 year old watch. :man_in_love: Sorry for the really bad picture taken with a phone camera. :thumbsdown:
  8. So this year it seems like the weather will be ok on the 18th, so will anyone from the forum go the Uxbridge Watch & Clock fair? (former Brunel Watch Fair) I am probably going this december, in search for some bits and bobs. So I wondered if anyone would be going. :smartass:
  9. Yeah, the Sterling pound has decreased a LOT since the 2000s. The new line of Zeniths are very elegant indeed. Hate Bell & Ross, so my oppinion can not be counted.
  10. It is true, they are getting better and better. I have been seeing very well made chinese movements with moon phases and power reserves and all sorts of nice complications. It aint a Jaeger or a Patek, but it is good value for money.
  11. Just out of curiosity, is the X Fathoms comfortable at all? It seems way too large to me. Other than that, great looking watches.
  12. I just think there will be an expansion of the already big, market for chinese movements, that are getting relatively good. What I think is gonna happen is that the Swatch group will use the knowledge obtained with the ETA to develop 'in house' for their own companies...
  13. The one in the left has got an interesting dial, I must say. Unfortunately I am not really familiar with any. But they look pretty cool ! :afro: Funny enough, if the world time function was within the dial would be worth 10x more I reckon. I love world time watches. Can't wait to get my hands in one.
  14. Friend of mine happened to have something similar to these. The truth is that the Iphone camera is still pretty bad. But the lenses do their job in a decent manner. Is something cool to play with, but dont expect much.
  15. Very humble compared to everybody's extensive collection, but this is very special to me, was given by my granfather to my father, then it was given to me. A lot of sentimental value. Omega, 18k yellow gold ''unknown'' Automatic, I have never seen another one of those. Specially with the bracelet configuration. (not claiming is rare, i just have no idea of the model) (the dial is perfect, the plexi glass is pretty scratched, :thumbsdown: Would benefit from some PolyWatch. This will be forever a keeper. :air_kiss:
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