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  1. I would be interested in this, I have been looking for one for a while to replace my scratched up pepsi bezel? I have already fitted a domed crystal and was thinking of upgrading the movement to an NH36. If I can do the bezel insert as well it will look really good
  2. Not a fan of the cut digits, why? makes no sense to me. Also I have been away from the watch world for a couple of years but Bronze?? I don't get the thing with bronze watches I love a good bronze statue but watches? again why?
  3. Thanks for all the feedback, given me some food for thought. Before I posted I was already thinking that sensible option is to wait.... then I started looking at the Christopher Ward website, some great looking watches on there:)
  4. I have around £900 to spend on a watch / watches. I have spent hours searching the internet looking for something suitable and think I am now more confused than when i started looking. The original plan was to carry on saving for a Tudor Black Bay but due to financial uncertainty this is going to take longer than I expected. I really like the Longines Hydroconquest but it does not fit my budget, unless I get the older model but part of the attraction is the ceramic bezel. I have a large wrist, currently wearing a Seiko 43mm and to me this is a good size although I do sometimes wear more dressy watches down to about 36mm. So I am just looking for suggestions to fit my budget new or pre-owned I do have a preference for divers but on the other hand probably have to many already.
  5. Thank You. I read this, did some research, ordered a Tornado starter kit from TW, received it Friday Morning and have not had a old fashioned fag since. :big_boss:
  6. I am sure, from what I have seen, that the subject of refinish or not refinish has been done to death. What does strike me though is that while looking for info on refinished dials, I have not seen one that does not have obvious deviations from the original, different fonts, poorly aligned text, different sized markers etc.. Am I just seeing poorly done dials or is this the usual result?
  7. Thanks, that's one place I didn't think to look. Found loads of info on it now. Looks like it would be worth restoring, although it will take some doing. :think:
  8. Thanks, that's made my day I've been searching for an image of one the same and there it is :D. Any idea about age? Is that one yours or just a photo from t'internet?
  9. I have searched everywhere I can think of to find one the same, can find lots of similar smiths watches but not one like this. Was not sure if it was a Smiths at first but after cleaning the dial a little you can just make out the faded Smiths logo. Does that say "Deluxe" underneath? Also I'm starting to think that the hands have been painted at some point.
  10. Thanks for the link, I had already had a read of that one. I also found a full photo rebuild of the same movement on another forum. I like the look of that gold one, but I don't have anything to trade and don't really want to spend much on fixing mine. The dial is also very worn and it currently stands me at a grand total of £1.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Don't know how I did not spot that, I removed a screw from that point and thought no more of it. :icon18: . With your help I now have the stem removed easily. So at the point where the retaining screw for the ratchet bar goes there appears to be a screw snapped off blocking the thread. I spotted the balance spring issue as soon as I posted the photo, must get my eyes tested because I didn't see it with the naked eye. Right I'm off to do some research on balance springs, looks like this may be a bigger project than I first thought.
  12. I am trying to get this watch running again, I can see why it will not wind. I don't know the correct term for the part so i'll call it the "main spring ratchet" this has fallen off, I have the part but not the retaining screw for it. I have looked at other photos of this movement and am confident that I can put this right. What I can not figure out is how to withdraw the winding stem so that I can remove it from the case. Any ideas? Thanks Rob.
  13. Still wearing this.. It just feels really good, not bad for a bargain beater.
  14. Happy New Year!!!! Everyone, let's hope it's a good un (-:
  15. Yeah hoping it turns up, It's crap that these scumbags don't care about the sentimental attachment that some items have. Don't know if I will get much back of the insurance, if I do I will buy another watch and have it engraved in memory of my dad.
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