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  1. Single-pass construction is a plus for me. I have the "Invasion" model: THE INVASION A2 STRAP (haveston.com)
  2. Here you go. Does not appear to be an easy task: How to open a snap off back of a cheap Chinese watch - Bing video
  3. Don't like all those holes? Go with the Crown and Buckle adjustable Chevron strap or homages. They only have a maximum of 5 holes.
  4. Mathey-Tissot vs Tissot Watch Brand Comparison (Similar or Not Really?) (timepieceking.info)
  5. That criteria is HIGHLY subjective and only you can answer it.
  6. Green dial watches reviewed by WatchTime: Essence of Emerald: 15 Green-Dial Watches On Sale Now | WatchTime - USA's No.1 Watch Magazine
  7. No duties collected by the USA on CNS straps entering the country.
  8. Agree, the burgundy strap seems to be a better match for that particular watch.
  9. People's tastes/requirements vary so I cannot really make recommendations. I can say I've had good experience with NATO's from Haveston , Crown and Buckle, Clockwork Synergy, and NATO Strap Co. I convert all my NATO's to single pass by eliminating the second keeper but Haveston and C&B offer single-pass versions. Here's one article that may provide some ideas: The 10 Best NATO Straps for Watches in 2021 - The Modest Man
  10. One source is mastersintime.com. Kind of pricey, IMHO, there are better NATO's out there for less.
  11. Agree. Same problem here of the strap not reaching the second keeper when otherwise adjusted to where the buckle and first keeper are on the underside of the wrist. Mixed customer reviews on CNS, more on the bad side: Cheapest NATO Straps Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of www.cheapestnatostraps.com (trustpilot.com)
  12. More than likely. Can any other USA member access the review through the posted link?
  13. Don't know. I can access the video fine using that link.
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