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  1. My "poor financial state" may be poorer than yours as the USD equivalent of 79 pounds/euros would be above what I would spend for a potential bin item. May the good in your sample be greater than the bad. (Don't know about your source, but the Invictas offered for sale on TV's "Shop NBC" seem too large for all but the largest wrists.")
  2. Sorry to "rain on your parade", but Invicta seems to have a rather poor customer service record. I hope your watch experience is better than some of these: Invicta Reviews, Complaints & Contacts | Complaints Board
  3. Haven't tried the "leaving it in a drawer" bit. My Eco-Drives are always exposed to some form of light during my waking hours. Only one that ever went to a two-second second hand movement was a J80 caliber.
  4. My Citizen Eco-Drive with the caliber E760 movement has been going strong since 2005. Of course is has two power-saver modes. My daughter's Reguno (Citizen sub brand) went from full stop to normal operation with under 3 hours under a table lamp.
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