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  1. I just bought a blue faced omega geneve manual. it has a 613 movement. Does that sound correct?
  2. Yes . What is the update?
  3. Thanks, I realised after i posted that you have to have images hosted somewhere else. can this be done from facebook as a shortcut?
  4. hi Caleb, Your posts prompted me to make a few purchases. Thanks. Someone mentioned Bulova as a good make of watch. so i bid on one on ebay and got it for £36 says bulova N2 stainless steel on back. silver dial with silver coloured - for the number points. it came on an elasticated bracelet. what would it have had originally?
  5. Hello. I have a Zenith 8 Jours clock. It is mounted on what looks like a propellor with the blades cut off. I think its is a dashboard clock. Is it from a car or aeroplane? I have photos but i can't see how to attach to post. This is my first post so there may be restrictions thanks Barry
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