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  1. That's very useful, thanks. I'll have to have the back off and take a look.
  2. Hi Folks I used to be quite active on the forum a few years back but since retirement I’ve not bought so many watches, in fact I’ve started to thin the herd to fund other activities. Enough of the backstory for now, I was hoping someone could help me out with a Spaceview query. I have what appears to be a 214 Spaceview with a TV style case, referenced as 214H N3 on the very informative Electric Watches web site. I believe this model dates from the early mid 70s, but I have noticed that the case is stamped with the code M4 which I’m given to understand dates it to 1964. Surely this can’t be right? I am aware that there have been a number of Spaceview conversions over the years and was wondering if this may be one of them? The bracelet looks right to me, but I’m not sure about the clasp which I think mike be a repro. I’ve posted a couple of pics and would appreciate any info. I’m not asking for a value – I know this used to be a taboo – but I just want to describe it honestly and accurately if and when I decide to let it go. Thanks in advance.
  3. A spot of arctic camo seemed appropriate today.....Hope everyone's safe and warm.
  4. Seiko S771 - quick and dirty (literally) shot. Time to have a dust I think.......
  5. Spork today. Old pic but correct date - bonus! HAGWE
  6. Like me - old, battered, delicate and temperamental, but still working!
  7. OK, I know this is kind of hideous and I wouldn't dare wear it all day, but I just got it running again so it's been on the wrist for a bit of a soak test. Spikenzie Labs Solder Time (built from a kit)
  8. Citizen 8948 Ana-digi circa 1994 HAGWE
  9. It was a couple of weeks back. I think he was selling a black one too, both boxed with papers.
  10. New arrival, after a few months searching and a run in with a bad seller on fleabay, I finally found a decent Orca.
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