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  1. Seeing the two together it's quite remarkable how they are so similar yet so different. They lugs on the Seiko look longer but lug to lug look to be the same, the lugs look longer on the Seiko simply due to the case shape. I was never a fan of the cyclops, in fact hated it but I've got a DJ without a cyclops and having recently seen a DJ with now wish mine had it but without the cyclops it flies under the radar.
  2. IAmATeaf


    Mine is a pink duck, no idea what, why or where it just is.
  3. I remember the times when you could pick up a Seiko 5 on Amazon for under £50. When I last looked everything had gone up in price :(
  4. You might be able to fit a strap but you will have to notch it. Best once the strap is notched and fitted it will look great.
  5. I’m more shocked that these are now selling for close to £400 [emoji33]
  6. They do look ghastly to me but as they say beauty must be in the eye of the beholder?
  7. I don't think you'll be disappointed, the watch head is fantastic quality, for the price in my opinion, the bracelet isn't the best but I wear both of mine on the bracelets they came with. Both of my watches are very accurate, have never timed them but I've never noticed them losing/gain a lot of time. The ability to hand wind is great as is the overall power reserve when wound. Wish I could slot the same movement into my SKX 007 and 009 to be honest.
  8. Did it have an A, B or C movement? As that and the serial number should give you a clue as to age and therefore if the watch has been played with? My 009k for example has a 7S26C movement it it even though the serial number dates it to an eighties watch but that is because I replaced the movement as I ruined the previous A that was in the watch.
  9. The first one does look quite stylish.
  10. This is the back of my 009 And the day/date from my 007J and 009K Hmmm, images don't work from that site ? Back to Photobucket ? Blimey what a phaff to get pictures to show.
  11. I personally don't think the day/date not sitting centered within the display window is anything to worry about, I've got an 007 and an 009 and on both the display is slightly out. I'll try and take some pics of the back of mine and post up here so you can compare?
  12. I've got the earlier SVC001 (think I purchased it from here?) and also have the SARB 035 (which I purchased from a Japanese seller) and like them both, they are my normal go to watches for the weekend. Can't comment on the price but the watch and movement are top notch.
  13. Off late they have been more strict and most goods are being stopped and duty charged from what I've read?
  14. Isn't this just a trade deal, just is too small a word but it simply means that Japan will reduce or levy lower import charges for EU goods and the EU will do the same for Japanese imports. From what I've read it started on the 1st of this month and we'll have the benefit of it until that date that shall not be named in March :D Should hopefully reduce the prices of certain goods but as far as I know customs and duty will still have to be paid by mere mortals like us.
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