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  1. I find the bottom one a bit insipid, but it looks ok on the lume shots. The blue on the California dial is a nice colour and for me the best out of the 3. The black could belong to a number of brands, but is ok. TBH I don’t think any of them would persuade me to part with the best part of £800. Maybe preowned if the price was right.
  2. Still away and a chance of some walking/body boarding in the rain so still the 5610. HAGD
  3. Gshock 5610 for some body boarding with junior and a few days away.
  4. Following the discussion about Bulova, on another thread, it’s been the Accutron Snorkel 2 this afternoon
  5. I’ve got the Bulova Accutron Snorkel 2 which I bought from Roy. Great build quality, extremely accurate, quartz, grab and go and came on the longest bracelet I’ve ever seen. It’s about the limit size wise for me. Like it a lot.
  6. This has been claimed for its next viewing by Alpha550t.
  7. Well I finally got a quiet hour to watch this dvd. It’s a decent documentary and well worth a viewing, so if anyone else wants to see it I’ll happily send it on, as per John’s original idea. PM me your address or stick a note on the thread.
  8. It’s been the Seiko Atlas/Landshark again for me today. Old pic from a sunnier day.
  9. Day off, after 7 working, so it will be the gshock 5610 for some gardening and chores. Once I’ve come around from my lie in that is. HAGD
  10. Omega Dynamic for a long day in the office
  11. Gshock 5610 for me this evening ......although I’ve had the Seiko Atlas/Landshark on all day. Both old pics but it’s been a long day
  12. Seiko Atlas/Landshark for me all day. Never got round to taking a pic today
  13. Vostok KGB manual wind for work
  14. Cheers for all the input/advice. Sadly It’s beyond my abilities to swap movements etc, but it sounds like that’s the way forwards. I’ll pass the advice on and see what she wants to do. The watch holds some sentimental value as it was originally bought as a gift for her husband and her son now wears it. He’s even wearing it not working as he likes the looks
  15. I’ve suggested that to them, but given it’s age I’m guessing parts scarcity and costs will be prohibitive.
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