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  1. Is this the same model as the one that was in the sales section a few weeks ago? I must’ve looked at it half a dozen times but persuaded myself I didn’t need another gshock. Love the yellow. Nice catch Davey
  2. I like this game. As if I needed an excuse to view watches. I shall go with:- Casio Collection Men's Watch SGW-1000 Currently £84.15
  3. I’d love to take a look at this John. I’m away for the next 10days so if someone wants a look first and I’ll wait my turn no worries. cheers for the generous offer and chance
  4. Gshock 5610 for a GoApe session with junior this morning
  5. I like the styling of both of those. Both are big beasts though and exceed what I can normally get away with on my small wrist. I’d happily own either. Like you say interesting movement choices, but nothing to dislike with either.
  6. Seagull 1963 for the morning dog walk. Probably something more robust after for some gardening. HAGD
  7. Loving the bronze case and the brown dial pairs well. That said I’d prefer a lighter coloured dial for my personal tastes. Looks a nice watch though. Enjoy
  8. That’s an impressive story and love the Level of the restoration. Fantastic
  9. Garmin 735xt this morning, as it’s a day off and I’m going for a walk on the moors, with a mate who retired before lockdown. Not that I’ll be able to upload it
  10. I bought it in the late 80s early 90s at an airport duty free. Wore it a lot. The straps seen better days and it still works. Shame the bezel click spring broke
  11. The swatch scuba is probably the only childish watch I have & I don’t consider I have any that are outlandish. I don’t wear it as it’s missing the click spring and I can’t seem to get one
  12. Looks nice that, 2 or 4berth? I’ve a T4 which I had converted about 10yrs ago. Love it and can’t bring myself to get rid even though we have a caravan too now Mine needs a bit of bodywork doing really. Gshock at the ready Talk the missus around re the cadac, brilliant to use
  13. I’d say Gshock too as they’re robust, take a beating and just keep going and you get the waterproofing for the beach. If you avoid the metal ones you’re less likely to damage any paintwork on the van If you end up working on it. There’s one for sale in the sales section I think, which would leave you enough cash spare for a drive away awning or cadac cooker PS pics of van pls
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