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  1. Vostok KGB for me all day today. Didn’t bother altering the date as I couldn’t be bothered with the back and forth winding
  2. A fantastic pair of watches there . I love the Autavia on the brown suede and don’t think the BOR bracelet suits it. The Speedy looks great and really suits it’s bracelet. Enjoy both
  3. Out of isolation (again) and back to work with the GShock 5610
  4. First day of not feeling too rough having caught covid again so it’s been the Garmin 735xt to keep an eye on my HR. (Old pic as I can’t be bothered taking a new one).
  5. Very nice indeed. You have kind and discerning friends
  6. Vostok KGB for me today. I’ve reset the date since I took the photo
  7. Nice collection . What’s going in the empty spaces left in the box, anything planned
  8. They’re great, I bought this from a forum member years ago for about double what you paid. I love the sound when the alarm goes off.
  9. I’ve not worn this Memostar mechanical alarm for a while, so given it an outing today.
  10. Been sorting some cabinets at work so an old Baby G in case it gets bashed. Takes me back a few years when the alarm goes off and the little figure of a man dances. On taking the photo I’ve noticed all the paint splashes, ooops
  11. Sad news indeed. RIP Haydn. Condolences to all that knew him.
  12. Some cracking watches on show today. I went with the 5610 for a wet and windy dog walk. Old pic cos I’m tired.
  13. For me it’d be the Autavia or the Speedy over the breitling. I’d really love the Moon to Mars version of the Speedy myself or a vintage Autavia with a touch of colour on the dial/sub dials. I really like the Zenith Rainbow for it's additional colour, but prices seem to have sky rocketed for these lately. The Breitling is undoubtedly a nice watch but the others just seem to have more appeal. Mind you what do I know? I’ve never owned a Breitling , yet
  14. Currently reading Rob Burrows autobiography Too Many Reasons to Live re his career and battle with MND. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny but also a tear jerker and an eye opener to the disease. A brilliant rugby league player who defied the odds to succeed in the sport and was dealt the cruel blow of MND post retirement. I loved watching his explosive pace and footwork. A huge player for Leeds despite his diminutive size.
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