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  1. Cheers. Feel a bit rough as does the other half and junior. Hopefully it’s just a brief cold
  2. It was the recently acquired steeldive for work. Now it’s the steeldive awaiting covid test results
  3. Avoid the Indian repaints as they’re potentially going to be “bitsa’s”. Watches made up from bits. Plus you’ll have little come back if anything goes wrong. For a purchase like this either buy the seller or use a reputable or recommended retailer. I’ve personally used Parker’s Jewellers in Sheffield for a few purchases and they were great. My mum bought 2 pre owned omegas from them and they were as described and trouble free transactions. I believe they are open to offers too, if asked nicely. Good luck with the search. There’s plenty out there.
  4. Looks nice, but as you say you wouldn’t dive in it. The strap would be ruined. Do they do it on a rubber or bracelet? The bezel is not easy to read for me and I doubt it’d be any good to rely on as a back up for your dive - not that many would these days anyway All that said I like the aesthetics and the contrast between dial, hands and indices. Looks to be a winner.
  5. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B010GTJGO0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_t1_OJ26Fb19Q3FM0 They have a similar version on the big river site at the mo. Lacking the bright colour accents
  6. Some nice choices on show today . A few days away from work for me so It was the garmin 735xt for the dog walk in the snow. Followed by the steeldive for afterwards.
  7. Welcome to the forum and a good selection there to develop your collection.
  8. There’s not been much in the way of incoming for me this year. Out of the few I’ve had it has to be the Seagull 1963 I got as my wedding anniversary gift from the 710. I’ve looked at these for a while and was always drawn back to the simplicity, so when I was offered one at a really good price, around my 25th wedding anniversary, it was too good an opportunity to miss. It hasn’t disappointed either as I love the blued hands, simple dial and smooth lines of the case. The mesh bracelet it came on wasn’t for me but I found a blue strap that matches the hands well. I also like the interaction
  9. Last working day for 2020 and kept with the Steeldive SD1970 green. Keep safe all
  10. Greetings, as above check out where you’re buying from and/or use a known reliable seller. Also research what you’re buying so you know the pitfalls. Good luck
  11. Omega dynamic again for work today Followed by a new arrival now I’m home - the steeldive SD1970 green. Quick and dirty pics whilst I resize it
  12. Very very nice. I like these a lot and think they’re a great looking watch. Enjoy
  13. Same as yesterday the Omega Dynamic.
  14. Omega Dynamic day for me. Pic from sunnier days
  15. I agree to all the above. Best wishes to all, but most of all stay safe folks. May 2021 bring a healthier and happier year to all.
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