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  1. Gshock for work and garmin for the ride in. Something nicer later
  2. Another gshock for me today. (Old pic).
  3. Still the old gshock so far, for the dog walk and some gardening.
  4. Old faithful gshock for work all day.... and the garmin 735xt for the cycle there and back. Not allowed in the office. Old pic as the windy ride home means I’m too tired to be bothered taking new ones.
  5. I quite like these and think I’d go for one of the meteorite models if I was buying, as they’re a little different. Lume looks great
  6. Some crackers in there. Hard to choose a favourite, but the 2 you talk of offloading would be included for me If you do decide to change a few I doubt you’ll have trouble selling the orca or the Tudor to fund alternatives.
  7. Can’t go wrong with a gshock in my opinion. Loving the clear dial. It looks a big beast
  8. I’ve a few vintage 38mm or less which is class as my dressy watches. They fit great under a cuff. No room for anymore dressy stuff at the moment for me lol Enjoy it when it arrives
  9. Looks to be in great condition that and always nice to have a treat. A bit too dressy for me though, but looks good. What size is it? Enjoy
  10. Looks very nice and I don’t mind the date window either. I’m a bit more reticent about the costMind you that would apply to any watch at that value at the moment
  11. Been out on the bike and not replaced the garmin yet. Working the weekend so will swap to something else later
  12. Gshock GL121 Glide for work today as I couldn’t be bothered digging owt else out this morning . An old picture but you get the idea.
  13. I like that, but don’t need another gshock. Must resist
  14. It’s this one Today I got from a forum raffle of Roy’s. I love the simplicity of it.
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