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  1. I like the cushion case shape, but not the numerals or dial colour. Nor do I like the price
  2. Gshocks are great go anywhere/ work anywhere watches. I worked in a hostile environment/role for many years where the watch suffered daily abuse. The only thing that happened to it was the strap finally wore out after 10yrs. Oh and the black coating wore off the guard. I still have it (along with a few others) and it still works perfectly. I quite fancy a yellow one tbh
  3. Now that is a much better dial colour and looks cleaner without the day month complication of the dataora, but still they have chopped the numerals with the subdials
  4. I appreciate the intricacies of the movement/complications and probable build quality, but to my eye the 2 dials shown are something only a mother would love. The green is insipid (and green is my favourite colour) and the copper is just meh. Couple that with the way the subdials chop into the numbers and it’s a massive no for me. I’m not knocking breitling as they do have some models I love. However that price is eye watering so I guess it’s a good job we all have different tastes
  5. Not for me that one, even if they knocked the 2 zeros off. I don’t like how the sub dials chop the numerals in half and I’m not keen on the day month indicators at the top of the dial. I assume the dial is what they’re calling copper? It looks more of an insipid salmon colour to me. I do like the syringe hands, contrasting colour sub dial hands and the date/moon phase dial. However I do not like them enough to override my other dislikes or to spend anywhere near that amount on (not that I have that to spend on a watch at the moment).
  6. I’ve had a couple mainly for cycling and running for the gps and multiple other readings. I Currently use a garmin 735XT. They’re good for what they do, but would never replace my normal watches. If it’s the Samsung Gear you’ve got, a mate had one and loved it. You can change the dial appearance etc and it gives lots of different data and links to your phone etc. The garmin I have does similar but I switched off the phone link as it was constantly informing me of messages, emails etc and got on my nerves
  7. Can’t go wrong for £20
  8. It’s not to my tastes, but size wise I think it looks fine on your wrist
  9. My condolences for your loss. Enjoy the watches and the memories of the previous wearer.
  10. I’m not a big fan of the bracelet but I like the watch itself. I even like the splash of yellow on the dial and definitely the hand. Would look good on a brown suede/leather or nato
  11. When I’m working I’ll choose a watch for work and change it when I get home. If I go for a cycle or run I’ll swap again for my garmin. However, I’ve not swapped for weeks as I’m currently off sick with covid/long covid. I have basically worn the garmin fenix so I can monitor heart rate etc. I haven’t even looked at my other watches in weeks
  12. Phil, I’ve got your flexible lugged Swiss army watch. Keeps good time and is very comfortable. I won it as a raffle prize from you. I’ve added a couple of marks to the glass which I should try polishing out really
  13. Looks good that. I reckon the caseback will still have 4 screws holding it on and the other bit with the 2screws is just a finishing piece
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