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  1. I like that, very like the old military issued CWCs. As has been said the mechanical monogram on the dial seems a little pointless, but wouldn’t stop me buying one if the price was right. The dial is uncluttered and I don’t mind the textured look. I can’t see the article either so price is a mystery.
  2. That looks like a big list. i helped my cousins husband strip and rebuild a 90 years ago. That had new doors, rear tub, rear quarter chassis, 300tdi engine conversion with correct gearbox, boost alloys with br Goodrich ATs, new side steps, window & door seals, stainless exhaust and a respray in Monte Carlo blue. It looked the mutts nuts. Plus all the little bits like stainless bolts etc. It was fairly easy to do really. Like a giant mecanno set. I think we put 6 coats of red oxide and about 4 coats of chassis black paint on the chassis once it was stripped of all but the engine and gearbox. It was then wax oiled inside and out. I would imagine it'll last a while. They sold it less than a year afterwards. Wish I'd have bought it really. Good luck with the rebuild. I imagine it won't be cheap, but well worth it.
  3. Some lovely looking watches there. My favourite is the memosail- love the look of it.
  4. I really like the Everest and wish I’d not let my mate “acquire” the one I had from me. I’d quite like another.
  5. Ask the usual questions about condition and time keeping and buy the seller based on their answers and feedback. My Smiths Imperial ran, but time keeping was all over the place. It turned out the baLance staff was broken and this proved very difficult to source, as there are limited supplies and limited people willing to work on them and guarantee their work. A new balance staff, service and crown was £150 and an 8 week wait. Be prepared that theRe may be additional costs after initial purchase. You may fall lucky and not have any, you may not be so lucky. Once fixed it keeps great time and is a great watch to wear.
  6. I can't fault mine for the reasons others have mentioned. Great design, comfortable to wear and keeps great time. Mine is the bullseye manual wind version. I bought mine off of the forum so would probably be reticent at the price you're quoting from an unknown seller. That said, I absolutely love mine.
  7. After suffering an open dislocation on my finger yesterday I’m not wearing any watch . At least until they sort out whether I need surgery or not
  8. Nice job, the bracelet looks to have come up really well to match the rest. Enjoy
  9. As above if I like it and can afford it I’ll wear it. My only stipulation these days is that if it’s bigger than my SMP or Bulova Accutron Snorkel 2 it’ll be ruled out as a purchase, as too big for my wrist.
  10. Very nice. I like the clasp design, nice clear dial and how the bezel and hand colours match. cool watch
  11. Some crackers today. I’ll be wearing my seiko atlas for the next few days for my time by the sea
  12. Looks great, the strap really suits it. enjoy
  13. The raffle prize from Roy today
  14. I like my Seiko kinetic titanium. It was bought in Gibraltar in the late 80s-early 90s. It was used and abused as my main watch for a long time and has required a single capacitor in all that time. i don’t see them as being anymore needy than a quartz, automatic or mechanical watch. Fix it and wear it
  15. Got to agree that dial looks stunning. Never really considered a red dial before. Other than callers chopard of course.
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