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  1. I like that, though I do prefer applied markers over printed. Looks great in the blue. Nice acquisition to any collection. Enjoy
  2. Although I don’t dive anymore, when I did I regularly took my watch to 40-50m. It was only rated for 50m which at the time I didn’t realise meant it was only suitable for swimming or showering in. That’s what I was referring to when I said limited water resistance. I accept that most dive watches never get wet and I like the styling. It wouldn’t stop me buying one but may stop me using it as a dive watch. For diving I believe the rating should be 200m or more. As an aside. It never caused my watch any harm as far as I can tell (other than the bumps and scrapes from catching it on wrecks and the like). I may have just been lucky. Towards the end of my time diving, my watch was always a back up should my dive computer fail.
  3. Look pretty good. Limited water resistance but I guess that’s where some savings can be made on design/build.
  4. 26 seconds in mine. I’m sure they’re well made etc but the fast second made me think it was broken. Plus they look pretty bland to me especially for the money
  5. Gshock 5610 Bulova Snorkel 2 - sort of square Memostar - more oblong than square Festina - bug hunk of square
  6. A guy at work had a Zenith Elite which was a beautiful watch and seemed very thin. It was an automatic too. I reckon you’d get that within budget. Holy moly I’ve just checked prices and they’ve gone up somewhat. He was struggling to get £700-800 for his a couple of years ago
  7. Black dial for me just because it’s much more legible.
  8. My “worst” dial is probably my late father in laws Omega which he gifted me. The dial wear is due to him wearing it daily when he was a coal man. The coal dust acted as an abrasive and wore the dial. This is one dial I’d never have refinished as it reminds me of him when I look at it. I think it’d detract from that if it was perfect.
  9. Hmmm, still not for me, but it looks better in your pictures than the stock photos. What do you think of it?
  10. It’s undoubtedly a well crafted watch by a highly respected maker, but not my cup of tea I’m afraid. On looks alone I prefer your JLC, and the cost for something you may not wear would put me off a lot. However, if you like it and can afford the deal then why not. If it was me I’d keep what you have, but it’s not me. Enjoy your choice
  11. Good luck in thinning the collection down. You have some great pieces so I reckon you’ve some difficult choices to make
  12. Looking forward to the pictures. Can’t go wrong with buying a watch just because you want/like it. The best reason to buy in my mind. I never bother what others will think as it’s me that’ll be wearing it. Tudor BB or BB58 are definitely on my wish list. Enjoy your purchase
  13. If you like it and can get it at a good price then why not. It’s not for me though as I don’t like the multi coloured bracelet. I’d always wanted a negative display gshock until I got one and having had one I’d not bother again. id like to see it in the flesh/better non rendered pictures though, as sometimes the pictures don’t do the watches justice.
  14. Ooo I like those. Wouldn’t mind any of the colours, but yellow just edges it for me today. Sadly low on funds so it’ll have to wait.
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