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  1. Vostok kgb hand winder for me today
  2. Nice purchase & the size looks good for your wrist in my opinion. Also looks fine on the bracelet . Enjoy
  3. I don’t like Roman numerals on a dial so it’s not for me. Nor do I like the day complication. The blue dial is very nice though and looks far better with just the date. Get rid of the Roman numerals and use batons or numbers and that would be my choice at either size
  4. Tudor for me, closely followed by the breitling. Both a mile in front of the others
  5. Gshock for the mornings tip run Then over to the Omega SMP for a late shift at work. HAGD
  6. Out of the 3 you list I’d go for the Longines personally. Raymond Weil always seem overpriced to me and the value will drop like a stone immediately after purchase. It’s nice enough aesthetically. Unless you get a really good discount I don’t think it’s value for money. The Tag I’d discount as it’s 43mm,so past the size I feel most comfortable with. If it was 41mm or less it’d be a contender although I prefer the non chrono model. Personal preference for me. The Longines seems the best value, especially being auto. Plus it’s the right size. All are pretty versatile and would meet
  7. I agree wit roger, it’s between the doxa and GS. The GS wins for me on legibility
  8. Old Gshock for the gym and some gardening
  9. Sorry but they are all fugly and I wouldn’t buy any one of them no matter their engineering excellence. To me a watch’s primary function is to tell the time clearly and none of those do.
  10. Omega SMP quartz for a Sunday working. Old pic as it’s too dark to get a new one this morning . HAGD
  11. IWC got me too as I love the blue dial and it’s the most legible. Not keen on the “yacht club” on the dial though. The chopard is a close second, but I find the dial colour sooo bland
  12. Still the Smiths Imperial for a Weekend workImg
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