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  1. IWC got me too as I love the blue dial and it’s the most legible. Not keen on the “yacht club” on the dial though. The chopard is a close second, but I find the dial colour sooo bland
  2. Still the Smiths Imperial for a Weekend workImg
  3. Smiths Imperial family heirloom for me today
  4. Just received the red Gshock from Wrench. A quick public thanks for a swift and easy transaction and a watch that is in fantastic condition. No wrist shot as it was bought as a gift for a mate.
  5. Omega Dynamic for a dark morning
  6. There’s something I dislike on each one, but bvlgari is probably the least offensive.
  7. I like the dial colour, but as I’m not a fan of California dials I don’t like the dial itself. I dislike the fact you can see screws on the dial face, presumably they hold the dial in. The crown is ok for me in that position and the case looks ok. I find the strap colour a bit insipid, but that could be swapped easily enough. The hands I quite like but not with that dial. They just don’t match for my tastes, so I’m out too. Good luck with the project
  8. It’s Omega’s version of kinetic fitted with a capacitor when new and was only made for a short period of time, from 1997-2000. I believe they did a white dial too.
  9. Omegamatic for a showery day off dog walk
  10. Omega SMP for work today. (Old pic but you get the idea)
  11. Gshock 5610 for a wet walk on the moors. Followed by the Seagull 1963 for now
  12. Still the Gshock for an agile working day and a little tree chopping. May put on something nicer after my bath
  13. Gshock for a sunny day off doing some gardening
  14. Cycled to work so double wristed today. Garmin 735xt and gshock 5610. Old pics cos I’m tired
  15. Seagull 1963 again today for me. Yesterday’s pic but you get the idea. Have a good weekend all
  16. Seagull 1963 for day 4 of 7 at work. Still liking this a lot
  17. Gshock 5610 for a soggy day at work
  18. I like the looks, but not that price
  19. I like the simplicity of that, but agree regarding the price. £500 seems a lot and would buy you a lot vintage wise. If you could find a preowned one where someone else has taken the financial hit that’d be ideal
  20. Is this the same model as the one that was in the sales section a few weeks ago? I must’ve looked at it half a dozen times but persuaded myself I didn’t need another gshock. Love the yellow. Nice catch Davey
  21. I like this game. As if I needed an excuse to view watches. I shall go with:- Casio Collection Men's Watch SGW-1000 Currently £84.15
  22. I’d love to take a look at this John. I’m away for the next 10days so if someone wants a look first and I’ll wait my turn no worries. cheers for the generous offer and chance
  23. Gshock 5610 for a GoApe session with junior this morning
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