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  1. Gshock for work and garmin for the ride in. Something nicer later
  2. Another gshock for me today. (Old pic).
  3. Still the old gshock so far, for the dog walk and some gardening.
  4. Old faithful gshock for work all day.... and the garmin 735xt for the cycle there and back. Not allowed in the office. Old pic as the windy ride home means I’m too tired to be bothered taking new ones.
  5. I quite like these and think I’d go for one of the meteorite models if I was buying, as they’re a little different. Lume looks great
  6. Some crackers in there. Hard to choose a favourite, but the 2 you talk of offloading would be included for me If you do decide to change a few I doubt you’ll have trouble selling the orca or the Tudor to fund alternatives.
  7. Can’t go wrong with a gshock in my opinion. Loving the clear dial. It looks a big beast
  8. I’ve a few vintage 38mm or less which is class as my dressy watches. They fit great under a cuff. No room for anymore dressy stuff at the moment for me lol Enjoy it when it arrives
  9. Looks to be in great condition that and always nice to have a treat. A bit too dressy for me though, but looks good. What size is it? Enjoy
  10. Looks very nice and I don’t mind the date window either. I’m a bit more reticent about the costMind you that would apply to any watch at that value at the moment
  11. Been out on the bike and not replaced the garmin yet. Working the weekend so will swap to something else later
  12. Gshock GL121 Glide for work today as I couldn’t be bothered digging owt else out this morning . An old picture but you get the idea.
  13. I like that, but don’t need another gshock. Must resist
  14. It’s this one Today I got from a forum raffle of Roy’s. I love the simplicity of it.
  15. Old beater gshock for some post work painting garden furniture. Some silver overspray needs cleaning off
  16. I intend to get it fixed as it was my great uncle’s and he apparently had it when he fought in Burma in WW2. I’ve been told in the past that it needs a service and a new main spring and that the silver case was made to fit the movement. It still has the silver chain and key to wind the movement, which winds from the back once the case is opened. Sadly fully wound, but not running. The only other pocket watch I own is a basic, but working, Smiths with a stainless steel case. This was another one owned by a relative in the military. That keeps great time and winds from the crown.
  17. That is very nice indeed. Nice purchase and reminds me that I should get my great uncles pocket watch up and running. Nowhere near as nice as yours, but here’s a picture
  18. Old beater gshock for dog walking and painting some garden chairs this morning. (Old pic)Keep safe everyone.
  19. I’ve not had a longines but they look well made and good value and you should be able to get one for less than your budget. As has been said if you’re open to pre-owned it opens up your choices brand/model wise. That said there’s nothing I dislike about the Longines. Good luck with the purchase
  20. I’ve only ever had one Raymond Weil which is pictured (still have it). It’s a well made and accurate quartz watch and came in the tin, which is a bit different. The strap is a nice RW branded waterproof leather and is very comfortable. The watch case is reputedly some form of carbon fibre and is very light to wear. RRP seems to have been around £400 for this model, which I think is well overpriced. I bought it from a forum member for a more reasonable £140 ish. If you shop around you can pick most RW models up for less than RRP. Personally I think their RRP is always high, but get a decent discount and you’ll be right
  21. I’ve had a few seiko over the years and can’t really fault any of them. All of them have had good time keeping and been reasonably well built and good value for money at their price point. I can’t really comment on the higher value models as I’ve not had any of them. Some of that is probably because I’ve previously not been that aware of the brands more expensive offerings; and at the higher price brackets I’ve leaned more towards Omega. My titanium kinetic SQ50 was used a lot for everything and has taken a fair old beating over the years and still ticks on. The bracelet is a little stretched and rattles, but for a 30 odd year old workhorse I can’t complain. The full lume dial still lights up a room. The auto Landshark I bought on here. The only thing I find irritating is the internal bezel crown moves too easily on its own. Time keeping is great, as is fit and finish, at the price point. It’s picked up a few marks, but is pretty robust and again lume is good. The MDE divers watch I own also uses a seiko quartz movement I believe, and I can’t fault the time keeping on that either. Across these 3 watches there’s 3 different movement types and watch styles, which illustrates the brands flexibility I guess. I wouldn’t compare any of the above to Omega, Rolex etc in terms of fit, finish and build quality as they’re not from the same price bracket, but I can see the appeal of seiko’s higher end stuff. I’d need to compare them in my hands to see if they would entice me to spend several thousands of pounds on them though.
  22. Hmmmm I’m with Teg62x. I’ve been looking at it for a few minutes and whilst I like the dial colour I don’t think it being translucent adds anything to the watch. Being able to see the date wheel just adds unnecessary clutter to the dial IMHO and the front of the movement isn’t all that interesting. Maybe if the dial wasn’t see through or they obscured the date wheel that’d work for me. I agree with the comments re the flag too. Make it white and get rid of the unnecessary clutter of the Christopher ward text. The rest of the watch looks great though
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