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  1. Gshock 5610 Bulova Snorkel 2 - sort of square Memostar - more oblong than square Festina - bug hunk of square
  2. A guy at work had a Zenith Elite which was a beautiful watch and seemed very thin. It was an automatic too. I reckon you’d get that within budget. Holy moly I’ve just checked prices and they’ve gone up somewhat. He was struggling to get £700-800 for his a couple of years ago
  3. Black dial for me just because it’s much more legible.
  4. My “worst” dial is probably my late father in laws Omega which he gifted me. The dial wear is due to him wearing it daily when he was a coal man. The coal dust acted as an abrasive and wore the dial. This is one dial I’d never have refinished as it reminds me of him when I look at it. I think it’d detract from that if it was perfect.
  5. Hmmm, still not for me, but it looks better in your pictures than the stock photos. What do you think of it?
  6. It’s undoubtedly a well crafted watch by a highly respected maker, but not my cup of tea I’m afraid. On looks alone I prefer your JLC, and the cost for something you may not wear would put me off a lot. However, if you like it and can afford the deal then why not. If it was me I’d keep what you have, but it’s not me. Enjoy your choice
  7. Good luck in thinning the collection down. You have some great pieces so I reckon you’ve some difficult choices to make
  8. Looking forward to the pictures. Can’t go wrong with buying a watch just because you want/like it. The best reason to buy in my mind. I never bother what others will think as it’s me that’ll be wearing it. Tudor BB or BB58 are definitely on my wish list. Enjoy your purchase
  9. If you like it and can get it at a good price then why not. It’s not for me though as I don’t like the multi coloured bracelet. I’d always wanted a negative display gshock until I got one and having had one I’d not bother again. id like to see it in the flesh/better non rendered pictures though, as sometimes the pictures don’t do the watches justice.
  10. Ooo I like those. Wouldn’t mind any of the colours, but yellow just edges it for me today. Sadly low on funds so it’ll have to wait.
  11. Off suites and booted to a very delayed wedding today so the Omega Dynamic for me. Once I actually get ready that is
  12. Not worn this In a while - a raffle prize made up by Roy. I like the simplicity of it. Hopefully it’s waterproof and can cope with the current deluge we’re having.
  13. That looks lovely. I really like my SMP even though mine is only the quartz version. The bracelet wears lovely. Enjoy yours
  14. In normal times, and for trips in the UK, I take my garmin for running, although that’s been off the agenda since January. I take my seamaster for everyday wear including the beach, bodyboarding in the sea with junior and evenings out. It does have sentimental value but is insured. I then usually take the 5610 Gshock for any dangerous activities I may partake in. For trips abroad I’d take the 5610 or the old beater gshock glide.
  15. Welcome back to the madhouse. Glad you’re feeling a bit better.
  16. Beautiful watch and where would you get another in such good condition. I’d see if silver hawk can service it, get it serviced and keep it.
  17. I’ve pulled the collection from its hiding place and dug out a KGB Vostok manual wind for this afternoon.
  18. 2grand . They’re having a “tin bath” surely. Not for me I’m afraid. I don’t need mario on my smart watch, just heart rate, pace, time, distance and gps for me thanks. Looks a pure gimmick trying to cash in on the resurgence of Super Mario and I just don’t get it
  19. The wobbly crown is a “feature” of these watches and initially quite disconcerting. There is a post that explains the technical reason for it but I’m being too lazy to find it It looks great, enjoy it
  20. They both look great. For me the choice would be the Explorer. Having seen one in the flesh they’re a beautiful watch with a clean and clear dial. Plus I’m not a cyclops fan. However, If you need a date go for the DJ. I doubt you’ll be disappointed either way. Enjoy your choice
  21. My 20yr old gshock has had bull bars from new and they really do save the watch from a lot. It’s had a very hard life and still remains legible. Mine were originally coated black but that’s long gone. I’ve never tried em on my 5610 though
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