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  1. Hi, here are my new incomes. Wostok Compressor reissue: and "Slava-Amphibian-style" forum project: With it's predecessor: Regards, Miro.
  2. Hi, Month ago I spotted on Ali-you-know-where a watch with dual balance movement. I asked myself how it works. I had read about Seagull's twin tourbillon that there was some very complex system of "averaging" the tourbillon cartridges to increase the accuracy - one compensates the other, and vice versa. Well, then I was short of about 35 000 USD to buy it . So I wondered if this one isn't something similar. In addition I was attracted by the size of the movement - I like when the watch is big, it's with a big movement, it's funny to see a 44 mm. watch with a date window in the middle between the axes and the bezel. Well, as I mentioned the date, I also like the "Big date" complication, and it's present in this watch. So ... two weeks ago I decided and bought it. Surprisingly today it arrived, unbelievable. Here are the two balances: The movement, as I mentioned, is big and well decorated, even with blue screws: It has two mainsprings, connected with an intermediate wheel. Probably the power spreads between them, to avoid stopping of a single balance: When I inspected it in detail, I noticed gears to the hands, connected only to one of the balances. The other has gears only to support power from the mainspring. So I think only one is 'real', the other probably is only 'decorative'. Pity ... I don't intend to open it to assure my suspicions. Till now I'll wear it and watch dual balances (although they are not tourbillons ) Regards, Miro.
  3. Hi, About the SL6601 - let me show my Chinese sub-forum watch, project 2016, variant "Classic". Due voting three variants were selected for production. They are so different, that I'd say they are three different models, than variants of one model (like previous projects, where the difference was only in color of the dial) All they are equipped with Liaoning Peacock SL6601. It's a new movement, larger than usual (36 mm). All the watches with larger cases, but with smaller calibers, suffer the 'strange' date window position, too far from the edge. Here the date window is in normal position at 6. The bigger size also let the power reserve to be increased dramatically, up to 72 hours. Of course, this has to be shown :), so the power reserve indicator took place at 3, while the small seconds hand is at 9. As usual, the design is custom, chosen with many votes. The combination of the white 'spirograph' dial, elegant font 'Berlin' (especially with red 12), and vintage-styled hands creates a beautiful retro feeling. Strange for me, a modern case was chosen, but fortunately there was no problem my classic example to be swapped with the 'pilot' case, which looks much more vintage. A wristshot: The glass is slight domed sapphire, without anti-reflex (or if there is, it's not noticeable ), which prevents the beautiful guiloche dial from being seen. But at the evening time it looks really amazing. Well, here's the movement, so beautiful, and pity it can't be visible all the time What more to say? About the longevity of the Chinese movements, the ST5 from Seagull is an excellent example, developed 50 or 60 years ago, but still working precisely and reliable (even it was used in Project 2014). Regards, Miro.
  4. I mean you have to pull and release the crown. Each pull and release increases the date number. Regards, Miro.
  5. This movement (Raketa 2628) has a quick date set. You pull the crown, when you want to set the time. You need to pull it a little more, and it will change the date. Regards, Miro.
  6. Last night in a Russian forum this Strela: with broken balance pivot... was sold for.... !!! 82 000 rubl. !!! ( ~ £940 !!! ) Regards, Miro.
  7. And another not so common watch: Regards, Miro.
  8. Here's one not so common Wostok with movement 2427 (day and date): Regards, Miro.
  9. Well, it's not a "new" income, but with these new dresses it looks like new I succeed to buy NOS dial for 30j Poljot Amphibian, relumed hands, swapped a NOS bezel from other: Of course, a wristshot: And with 'the old' one: Regards, Miro.
  10. Just for fun - torn the dial 180 degrees. No need to cut the dial feet, as they are diametral opposite. As I didn't have gilt Amphibia hands, I put Komandirskie set, but looks nice though Regards, Miro.
  11. Well, this is not Russian SLAVA 'СЛАВА', but Chinese 'CJIABA'
  12. The pusher is for the quick-date-change. As there's no quick-day of the week-change, the setting should be in this order: 1. Adjust the day of the week, just like adjusting time - every time the time pass 24 hours, the day changes 2. Adjust the correct time 3. Adjust the date with the pusher. This movement has a feature - under the dial is a "fixing" disc with a special slot, exactly where the base of the lever is: Here is the lever without the fixing disk: And here it is how it should be under the dial: Very often a watchmaker, who isn't familiar with the movement, mounts the disk wrong, not adjusting the slot correctly, like this: Well, of course the base of the lever may be bent or even broken, also sometimes the pusher's end is worn and has not enough length to press the lever. And often the hole of the pusher is full with dirt, which interfere with the pressing of the button. Unfortunately, it's not an very easy task to verify and adjust the pusher. Maybe a watchmaker, familiar with the movement, should do it. Regards, Miro.
  13. Todays income looks better, doesn't it? And one more Raketa: And one interesting movement, prepared to become a rarity. It's a 17 jeweled Poljot 2609, from the first batch. The first 100 000 (serials with 0 in front) movements are produced with different jewel of the escape wheel. Also the dial fixes with screws from the back of the movement (like old pocket watches). I've seen till now only one watch with such movement. Regards, Miro.
  14. No, unfortunately this is 'after' condition. Here there are the seller's pictures 'before': Regards, Miro.
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