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  1. Good point, perhaps watch shops is the way forward - should be a good selection. Any pointers from members as to good watch shops in Geneva would be appreciated - especialiiy those which deal in second-hand watches. Although as a relative newbie I guess I will be running the risk of paying well over the odds.
  2. I am fortunate enough to be planning a motorbike trip to the French Alps / Northern Italy in a few weeks time and I was wondering if there were any museums in Geneva from a watch perspective that were worth visiting? The PATEK PHILIPPE MUSEUM comes-up with a google search, so was keen to know if anyone has been there and if it's worth a visit? Also, any other recommendations would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance, Steve
  3. Hey there and welcome. General advice from this forum is that Seiko is a great place to start (and remain for some). Lots of good advice here.
  4. Welcome / welcome back. Great forum, lots of interesting info....
  5. Thanks for all the input. Mondaine looks like a nice option. In terms of machanical watches, I think there is a Seiko 5 Sports World Timer Automatic...I suspect it's just a bezel for the world time, but might be an option. I would be interested to hear if anyone has any hands-on experience of this watch? Cheers, Steve
  6. Great ideas so far, thanks! Nomos would be fantastic, but a little out of my league in terms of price. The Rotary Chronospeed Worldtimer looks like a good budget option. Will be interested to read / see other ideas......
  7. I'm very interested to hear everyone's thoughts on the best options for watches that provide World Time funtionality. I have business partners in a broad range of geographies (South Korea, Thailand, India, Canada, Brazil etc.) and it would be useful / interesting to have a watch that gave some indication of local times. To be honest I have a preference for mechanical watches in general, but world time must be one of the more complex functions and therefore perhaps quartz is the way forward. I guess a diver with a bezel showing different cities might be a way to go. I have a modest
  8. Great collection and welcome to the forum. Anything new in the world of watches in Malaysia? Cheers, Steve
  9. You've come to the right place buddy, loads of great info here. Enjoy.
  10. I know it's a gimmick, but I like it. Just a matter of taste I guess, which maybe I am lacking!
  11. I ordered a Military Seiko 5 at a bargain price from these guys. Arrived very quickly with FedEx tracking service. No additional charges for import tax. I think a good option for a very good value new watch. But, as suggested by others, after sales is questionable and for higher end items, I might well opt to go local myself.
  12. I bought one recently. Really pleased. Everything I read is positive, and I believe the movement is used in more expensive models in the range (if that is at all relevant). Recommended.
  13. The book was recommended in another thread on this site: written by Donald De Carle and called Practical Watch Repairing. It's a reprint of an old book. But with some clear instructions and diagrams, it's got lots of great info. Amazon are selling it for £12.53 Some concepts (like cleaning watches with cyanide) are perhaps outdated, but I think if you've got an interest in watches it's great value.
  14. Hello there mate. I'm interested in learning some proper skills too. Not sure if the TZ course is the only or best option, but there are clearly some experienced people here who can give us some guidance. I bought a good book that was recommended on here. Have fun.
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