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  1. I've got three, brilliant bits of kit for the price point
  2. I'm not wearing my g shock to work I will get it dirty lol
  3. I'm after a new work watch as my accurist chrono needs to have a decent retirement after five yrs service on a building site and I've found a brand called Swiss eagle, I've read the reviews which all seem good for the abyss model which I'm after and I'm wondering whether anybody has one or knowing us three of these before I spend my ickies, thx peeps
  4. Preferred the gladyr inn lol, had the honour lol of serving with the right honourable lord Cochrane on the red plum when he picked up his half ring in the early 90s god that man had no cdf at all but did wear a Rolex sub to work
  5. Come on any jack who knows his salt knows that the royal navy school of dancing palm tree branch was in southsea
  6. Ive bought several off them with no problem
  7. God, you can tell I'm working nights, was trawling the internet and saw luckys post..... my wife grandfather was group captain trumble obe and was the first pilot to land a skua on a carrier, he also ended up in stalag 3 and was the prisoner liaison officer between the Germans and our boys, i did try to find his Rolex but he sold it to do his vintage rolls Royce up lol. I met him once years ago and he was a very, humble,unassuming gentleman
  8. Bulova moonwatch, I love mine as my wrists are to big for a speedie
  9. Try barbos on the bay at auction
  10. Kadetskis matey lol but he has got a few normal sized watches
  11. My ten yr old wears Vostok's as they are pretty bullet proof
  12. I've got it, its a lovely size for my wrist now to go home and stick it on the bond Zulu I bought from watchgecko with the discount code. Gotta love a bargain. Photos to follow when I get back home
  13. Had my space force komandirskies today photos to follow when I get enough steam up on my geriatric laptop lol
  14. Barbos is 1000m, my dives is 500m, god knows how deep you can take my Zlatoust, orient mako xlno photos but you've seen them before and I can't get the photos to upload off the kindle fire lol
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