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  1. Phone around and ask but offer a significant deposit over the phone, come across serious to do business. I got a Speedy Pro at 23% off. Put £1k down over phone, they ordered one in and i had a nice day out picking it up with my nephew on a set day with thoroughly nice experience to boot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Smart watch combining physical hands is an interesting spin: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/mykronoz-zetime/ Looks like the watch will be able to adjust the digital content (messages) based on hand location.
  3. Sensing slight negativity on this but I for one think its a fantastic idea, regardless of your budget. Past is always a good indication of future, so i would focus on brands / design / style that have lasted. Also he will be a 21 'lad' so something sporty i guess is the safer bet, i would avoid bling and gold, far too individual. I guess a sub or similar would be obvious choices, but how about a GMT so when you are nagging him to stay in touch on his gap year he has no excuse calling you at 4am! Haha. BLNR wd be a great call.
  4. Worst thing you can do is just assume you won't get one, so you don't even ask. You shouldn't make any assumptions on how the sales are going that month either for that salesperson, that brand or the shop as a whole. If you do ask, ask in a way that doesn't give them an easy out e.g. " I know it's unlikely but is there a chance of a discount? " - instead say something like " is there anything you can do on the price as It's more of an impulse buy and i'm not sure I should be buying it anyway! ". Sales people never like customers leaving to " think about it " as that's when people bec
  5. This is a great forum, been a member for a little while but certainly not years unlike some members it seems. However, based on knowledge then i'm certainly still a newbie!
  6. Great spot, just ordered one, nearly got one when they came out but wasn't 100% sure but at that price!..
  7. Fantastic. You think you love it now give it a few years and you will love it even more! I can't imagine being without my Speedy. Iconic.
  8. I wish! More the other way round , been looking for ages but couple weeks before Christmas I found this, she loves it and hasn't taken it off since!
  9. Sounds like you have an answer ;) get them to order both in and then choose, it sounds like you are going to definately buy one or other anyway.
  10. ooohhhhh that changes things, I think you definately need to try one on without the AD assuming the one they got in for you will be sold when you go in - that situation might make you compromise when you shouldn't if you don't 'feel it' when you pop it on. I'm not sure where you live but surprised if you can't find a sub c of any variant to try on? if not why not ask a nearby forum member who has one? good excuse to drink coffee and talk watches!
  11. few months back I was in the same dilemia, Hulk or No Date, both C models. I already own a speedy pro and thought another black watch (although safe) just seemed a little 'safe'. After lots of thought I plumped for the LV, I have worn it loads since - almost to the point of it being a daily wear. It's an amazing watch to say the least from design to build quality it cannot be faulted but that would be the same for both of course... however, Green is the real question... In bright direct light the green really shines and looks amazing, perfect with casual wear, however at ni
  12. Really like the C9 Jumping Hour MK3 on leather, even better it comes in 40mm or 43mm. Do they regulary offer discount or is it probably the logo change? although i prefer the 'old' look logo over the newer one.
  13. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2017 to Roy and ALL forum members, this really is a great place to be.
  14. Popped into the Norwich the other day for no real reason and noticed a rather nice 'plain' looking pre-owned ladies Datejust in the window, perfect I thought for 'her' xmas present. Popped in, chatted to the assistant, told hardly any discount on pre-owned, asked her to check it was complete (box and papers) and their best price. She came back confirmed it was complete and knocked 10% off, we had a chat and a laugh and I offered 10% below that price, she checked and it was accepted. All in all a smooth and friendly expierience. I probably could I have got it cheaper online, but
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