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  1. congratulations, wishing you many more years of successful business. All the Best Ian
  2. like this one a bargain too at 26 quid - seen the same watch in a local jewellers for £149, Nice watch mark. Cheers Ian
  3. Rotary for work .... Cheers Ian
  4. An automatic is my next purchase when i can find one within my limited price. Probably a seiko 5 or similar. The Rotary is a Rotary Elite 200M as you can see it has a panarai look with out resorting to a dodgy chinese copy. There are a few still kicking around the bay, I'm also looking for a white faced one to go with the one i already have. The strap is a bit dodgy though and needs replacing. Cheers Ian
  5. Thanks Paul, I'll probably hold out for a better one, then as i don't really want a distressed one and was hoping to pick up a pepsi bezel to go with it. Thanks for the advice I like the smaller divers personally i'm not into the can of tuna on the wrist look. I might look for a nice old chrono otherwise if i can't find a nice diver. Cheers Ian
  6. Now then, I'm shopping on the bay for me first proper auto, I like the look of this as a bit of a project, how much should i pay and how easy is to get a new bezel for it. Its item no. 110082180827 if you fancy a look, currently at a fiver and its local so i might go an collect it. Thanks Ian
  7. I'm wearing my ebay bargain rotary Elite 200M, still needs a better strap. Cheers Ian
  8. You guys asked for photos so here goes I went a bit David Baliey on the pics so don't take the mick too much my old Accurist Chronograph - I don't wear it any more but it was my 21st birthday present so hold great sentimental value. My daily work wear at the minute, cheap and cheerful but looks fairly different from most of the cheap dress watches i'd seen up to then. Xmas present from my beloved, i wear this weekends and going out, i love the polished steel and strap combo. And finally my new arrival a bargain from the bay £30 ! which i think will be on my wrist for a while, needs a new strap as the rubber one does nothing for it or me, i was thinking of a hirsch Liberty or a Rally in dark brown, what do guys think? Go gently with me lads
  9. cheers Guys nice to be made welcome. Yorkshires great!
  10. Now Then Lads and Lasses, Another Yorkshire man, (well adopted I married a Yorkshire lass) has arrived. I've been lurking for a while, and I've finally joined up. I haven't started my collection proper but have a few interesting dress quartz watches i like and am looking for a Seiko 5 to start my collection of automatics off. All this is the fault of a mate who's just bought an Oris artilier, and has got me interested in watches. I work in IT and have an 11 year old lad (going on 20 more like) Regards
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