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  1. I was born two minutes to one in the morning, so 12:58 and I'll try and upload some photos.
  2. Just thought I'd share this here. I have been looking at the Dan Henry 1970 diver ever since it was released but could not decide on the grey 40mm or 44mm so did not pull the trigger, then totally forgot all about the watch. About a week ago this watch popped back into my mind so logged on to the Dan Henry website where I found the 1970 diver in grey 40mm was out of stock but the 44mm was still available so that solved my dilemma and I placed an order. Anyway the watch arrived today and for the cost of this watch it's great but what has made it even more great is that that the number I have received out of the 1970 pieces made is the time I was born. How weird is that, can't believe it, so I told the Mrs that this watch purchase was fate.
  3. Hope you get reunited with your watch. I recently composed an email to a gentlemen I sold a Seiko 6309-7040 to a few years ago to say if he wants to get rid of it give me first refusal but I haven't sent it yet as I've just purchased a couple of watches and the Mrs will kick me out if I buy another anytime soon.
  4. Welcome to the forum and as a member whose only just started being active on here those responses are very informative.
  5. I have a Stowa Prodiver blue limited on order which I'm looking forward to receiving. Ordered the grey originally but was not sure and as they had a few blue left decided to go for that one.
  6. Wish I'd looked on here several years ago before I purchased my Tag Heuer F1. Originally it was £1,750.00 and I managed to get it from Beaverbrooks for £1,500.00 but if I wanted to sell it now I would be lucky to get a £1,000.00.
  7. I recently scored a CW C60 Trident Bronze for £450 and really like it.
  8. Hi all, I registered here in 2012 and pop in every now and then but realised I have never introduced myself, so hello better late than never.
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