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  1. I recently purchased a Stowa Prodiver Blue Limited but had a solid silver bezel fitted instead of the stock aluminium one.
  2. Cannot seem to stop wearing this one lately.
  3. Thank you for the response, ok thats good news I thought I'd missed out.
  4. How much was this in the sale and was the 43mm available?
  5. These have caught my eye. My friend has an original one of these 6105-8110 he purchased second hand in the 1980's for about £75. I actually tried the new homage version on in my local Seiko dealer but was unsure, especially as it was £3850.00
  6. No I don't dive with them but have always liked the look of dive watches. It's probably because my Dad always liked dive watches so from a young age these always stood out to me. I have the following Seiko SBDC001 Sumo Seiko SRP777J1 Marathon GSAR Maratac SR35 with display back Stowa Prodiver Blue Limited Christopher Ward C60 Trident Bronze Dan Henry 1970 Maratac SR35 Titanium Rado Captain Cook Titanium Ocean Crawler Core Diver
  7. I have been contemplating selling a few of my dive watches and purchasing one expensive divers watch. If I did go ahead with this idea I would be looking at a watch around the £4000.00 mark. Would this be a good idea and if so what dive watch should I consider?
  8. Hi Karrusel, it was nice to meet you at the WIAA watch fair. I had a great afternoon at this event and was very impressed with the alkin, gauge & Isotope watches which I'll be keeping a close eye on. I also purchased a very nice blue NATO strap with quick release from WIAA for £10. Great day and I'll be looking forward to next year.
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