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  1. Nice find. :) JLC are tip top. The F may be short for (FRANCE). Or it could just be part of the serial number which has no specific meaning.
  2. In my opinion, anything in the region of 500 pounds. Although your best bet would be to take it to a professional watch maker/ repairer for a more precise evaluation. Best of luck with it. Regards
  3. Is Jaeger and Jaeger Le Coultre the same watch company??? Thank you for your input. Regards
  4. yeah those custom charges are an absolute joke!!! Oh well valuable lesson learned. . .
  5. Was this report actually published??? Imagine the thief seen this, he'd be laughing wouldn't he. This means he has a professional evaluation with a price list from which he can sell his stolen goods. And if the museum doesn't even know when they wen't missing. Well pissing in the wind aren't they
  6. can you get its authenticity confirmed by another jeweler??? Then if its the real deal and your happy, by all means buy it. Like everyone else said you can then sell it on at a profit when you get sick of it.
  7. That journey up from Barcelona is a bit of a spin alright. Would really test your driving endurance. Not unless you take it handy like you guys suggested. I got from Carmarthen in Wales to the south of France is less than 24hours! 1000miles one way it was. Carmarthen to Dover then from Calais straight on down to just north of the Spanish border.. I only used to stop for a quick piss, tea, sandwich. And to shake off that Lord all merciful cramp Id have in my wrist from holding the wheel. ( I f***in hate mopin about! ) Should of taken a lot longer. But then again I didn't hang around, was averaging about 170kph on most stretches of motorway through out the night. If your friend Marky is sending someone down to collect this motor and bike, I would estimate about 1000pounds total cost for it's return. Your looking at about 500 knicker between fuel, motorway toll fee's, Not to mention the cost of the ferry, hotels along the way, also food. I assume your friend is obviously going to pay this driver something as well. Bit of a mission alright. Anyway best of luck with it and let us know how it goes :)
  8. I looked through loads of websites there and couldn't find anything that enables me to check out that ref number of yours on the back of your watch. It looks very 1940s era. Hopefully it is original, cuz its in some damm good shape! The best I can come up with is go onto the following link: http://www.rotarywatches.com/en/about/rotary-vintage-museum#timeline-date1940s1 And click on the bottom were it says if you have your own cherished vintage rotary etc... Just message them saying your in a bit of a pickle in regards to your Rotary watch. Provide them with the serial number and ask them if they can confirm its authenticity or not using the Ref number of your watch. You see I dont know how far fraudsters go when it comes to making phoney watches, if they use genuine copied serial numbers or not??? Its hard to say and im not expert. Perhaps somebody could clear that up. If not sure give it a shot, for the sake of a quick mail you can't go wrong.
  9. Thanks for that, much appreciated. I will check out the Timex forum also. :)
  10. Hello Can anybody please tell me if Timex wrist watches from the 1970's era are any good? I found a lot of 3 rather cheap, in fact 12Euro cheap pap included. Would it be worth the investment? Many thanks Rob
  11. I will probably get in trouble for this, my apologies in advance. But this is eating away at me. This particular watch intrigues me due to the simple fact that it has several complications. I was always fond of pocket watches with several dials, a thing of beauty in my opinion. What has me thinking is: This watch has several complications right? But have a look at the movement. Every pocket watch movement that I have seen with several complications was always way more complex with plenty more cogs and what not. Are those additional dials just for show? Or could this particular movement work those dials??? The watch is dated 1820, So like did they make phoney watches in those days too??? Would appreciate some of you veteran watch collectors opinions. Regards Rob http://www.leboncoin.fr/montres_bijoux/350167301.htm?ca=2_s
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