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  1. Yes you do need 50 posts as its letting me add a pic now, Thank you
  2. no its not under warranty as a few years old now but thanks for the link as there were a few updates there i needed urgently. if all else fails then ill pass it to my bro-in-law to take apart and clean the fan an look at heatsink/paste etc.
  3. resized the picture i took of the watch but it still isnt letting me add an avatar nor letting me look at my own profile??? confused
  4. does this mean you have to use the avatars already allocated or can i put 1 of my watches on as my avatar???
  5. trackrat when you list your items you can stop bids from overseas or from outside the uk being allowed you just tick this option so that if the buyer is registered from outside the uk he will not be allowed to bid!! If auction has already started then cancel his bid explaining politely that you only post to the UK but thank him for his interest and then go into your listing and change who you will sell to ie to within the uk only!! I hope this helps
  6. Can anyone help me?? my dell studio 15 keeps shutting itself off when it gets hot, i can hear the fans screaming so think their working ok but how do i stop it from shutting off as it cant be healthy for it?? It can be on for hours just browsing etc but when i try to watch a movie or link it to tv via hdmi or run a full scan it doesnt last more than 45 mins to an hour before getting red hot and shutting down, its as if when i request the laptop to use some more of its power etc needed to run a scan for example it just overheats and shuts down??? Any Ideas very welcome
  7. well done, he certainly has my backing and sponsored straight away its unbelievable what he did and all for charity. top man
  8. you just have to watch the original version of Girl with the dragon tattoo it is so compelling, an unbelievable movie
  9. Ill look into these as struggling to get a decent Loupe and i gotta admit i prefer the sitting up stance then the crouched over struggling one anyday. Thank you
  10. Thanks Feenix i just done some homework via this site http://www.quicktest.co.uk/loupes.htm SINGLE LENSES, TRIPLETS AND 5-ELEMENTS LENSES which do you recommend for a 15x???
  11. Stupid question but is 15x better then 40x or is it the greater number the better magnifyer????
  12. Wow!! Thanks for the prompt replies. Checking the bay now for a Loupe 15x but just trying the macro setting on my phone now while i have the watches all out and listed, Many thanks
  13. Yes it definately needs to be portable but not too bothered about weight, need it for browsing the internet on a daily basis,business and storage ie scuba pictures and business docs etc. I do like a quick laptop that can handle numerous pages open or multitasking say 3 or 4 activities any one time.
  14. loving the collection and pictures especially the 2 Lum-Tec watches.
  15. Please could some kind person point me in the right direction to either a decent magnifying glass or tool that will help me see the serial numbers of my watches as my insurance company requires them but they are soooooooo tiny i just cant read them??? Please Help
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