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  1. I only have the one CW and will definitely not be cutting the trident piece of the second hand. My skills with taking watches apart generally means they end up in the rubbish bin.
  2. Any pictures of the original condition of the watch, be interesting to see the comparison.
  3. Well I never did get the watch back, always some excuse as to why the date would not work properly, but they did refund me my £100 and gave me an automatic Rotary priced in there shop at £269 as compensation. It is just a shame that a shop I have used for repairs for years now without a problem, takes 10 months to sort the first problem out.
  4. Welcome to the forum, a Seiko Alpinist is indeed a fine start to emptying your wallet in the future. lol
  5. I work part time as an invigilator, and that school has used digital clocks for about 3 years in the exams, but there is still a large analogue clock as well.
  6. I will report back when I have the watch in my possession again.
  7. As I am going away for the weekend and I am only taking one watch, it has to be this.
  8. Just looking at pictures of the Seamaster 600, those are definitely not the correct hands for that watch, but there are more knowledgeable people on this forum who could give you advice.
  9. Quality wise, the are good value for money, as for reliability, I cannot really comment on that as it went wrong when my nephew had it and to get it sorted it was either send it back to Poland or use my local watch repairer, in hindsight I wished I had sent it back to Poland. But it would not put me off buying another Gerlach watch.
  10. My nephew is not that well of and only had an old beaten up Casio, so only to pleased to help him. Have too many in my family to adopt another one. lol
  11. Seiko 5 watches are good value for money, but that one is overpriced.
  12. It certainly will not be a problem, god only knows when I will get it back. But if they sort it out I will be pleased. Had to give him my Steinhart as a replacement till the Gerlach is working properly.
  13. I will have to wait for a phone call from them, but if it is not working perfectly then I will ask for a refund.
  14. About 2 and a half years ago I purchased a G Gerlach Marine watch with a dual date, which I only wore occasionally. Last year I stopped at my nephews for a few weeks and he said what a lovely watch, so I gave it to him. At the start of this year he rang me to say it had stopped working so as it was out of warranty, I said send it back to me and I will take it to my local watch repairer that I have used several times with no problems. He quoted me £100 to rectify the fault and service it, after 6 weeks I called into the shop to be told the fault was a loose ball bearing that had got into the works but it was now working and had been serviced. So I took it back home and kept it for a few days to check its time keeping, which was fine however I noticed the dual date had jumped 3 days forward, so using the button on the top left side I checked the date movement only to find every time it changed it jumped 3 days forward, so back to the shop it went, fast forward another 4 weeks and a phone call to say it is ready for collection, so I take it home, the date is the 5th so I used the side button again to change the date and when it got to 10th, 00 was showing so checked the rest of the dates and after 31 it showed 02 instead of 01, so I wore it for a few days and then the watch stopped working, so back to the repairers again, how long it will be before they phone me to tell me it is ready is anyones guess, but after paying them £100, I want a fully functioning watch. When it first went in the dual date was working perfectly. One thing he did say was the date change was an unusual mechanism, but that is no excuse, has anyone ever taken one of these apart and can offer an explanation for the weird behavior of the date change.
  15. Lots of pictures equal an empty wallet, but enjoy the journey. I have 3 Seiko kinetics and for the price you get a lot of watch for your money.
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