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  1. I'm back, after two years I finally have a spork on my wrist. Took me a year to realise my mistake, 10 months of waiting patiently for one to pop up on the sales forum, & them 2 months of WTBing. Many thanks to Mark (marky birch) for answering my WTB. He's a true gent and a pleasure to deal with. Will sort photos soon... now just to remember the secret spork handshake...
  2. hi all, long time out of the spork owners club, 18 months... give or take 6. I've popped back for a look occasionally to reminisce... obsess. Funny how a watch like this gets stuck in your head, even if you've not got one to put on your arm. Think I want back in. I'll stick a WTB up but if anyone is thinking to move one along drop me a PM. Or if anyone has a spare... cough... dave... let me know. Thanks
  3. Owned 3 Steinharts in the last couple years... but not any at the moment. I say good on them, I like what they do & think they do it very well.
  4. Has anyone checked the power reserve on their spork recently? Does anyone still achieve the 50hrs the 4R15 movement was reported to achieve?
  5. Like it Dave, i don't suppose we could see it with the original chapter ring?
  6. I know I'll probably move 1 or 2 of these on, even now I've got my eye on a Sinn... and I'd love to try a Legend Driver. But through 2 years of reading & posting, through forum & ebay, through trial and error, I now know what I like, agreed this might change but only time will tell. Not sure if I'll ever need more than 3... I'm sure at times I'll own more than 3... but I think 3 is my magic number.
  7. So after a couple years of trading, flipping and purchasing (some may say collecting... but I doubt I can be classed as a collector) I've found 3 watches that tick all the boxes. I've gone through vintage, modern, pilots, divers, big brand, micro brand, coloured dials, coloured straps, and have finally figured out what I like. It's taken 21 watches over the past 2 years but I now realise that; - I only need 3 watches one active, one casual, one office... but they need to be fairly flexible. - If a watch isn't getting worn it's gone. - I like Arabic numerals - I need a brand name, can't stand a sterile dial. - Has got to be stainless steel & close to 42mm dia. - I like black & white... but a little colour is ok.. but not on straps. - Leather is best, bracelets can be very good & natos are crap (imo). - I do not need to own a chrono. - Automatics are great, but so is quartz... took me a while to come to terms with this. - Swiss or Japanese it makes no difference to me. Therefore- A Seiko SRP043 A Tag WAH1011 Formula 1 Grande Date A Oris BC3 Sportsman All great watches IMO... the problem is I look into my watch box and can't decide which to wear. Thanks
  8. So that's two including mine... This may take a while.
  9. Does anyone know how many Sporks were produced? I've read that they were produced between 2009 - 2011... But no idea on numbers
  10. I'm sure Roy could sort you out or Steve at Rytetime, he did mine. I had one done by a watch repairer, he was attached to a local independent jeweler. It cost £7 but came back with dust in the dial & a crooked crystal. If you know someone local that you trust you'll save on postage... which will probably cost more than the price of swapping the crystal.
  11. Steve changed the hands and the crystals but I purchased them from Monster Watches and Yobokies. Monster watches had 6 or 7 colours from memory... pretty sure they had yellow. The red was for a mate but looks like it might be appearing on the sales forum soon, a combination of Christmas & a new family means he's passed on it... or i might keep it... one on bracelet, the other on leather.
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