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  1. I still think my Pelagos is one of the best divers watches you buy?? Titanium build, lume like a torch and an extremely easy to read watch face
  2. Actually come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I bought an Orient watch from City watches without any issues
  3. I always thought they were creation watches??
  4. When I did something similar, I think I sprayed the dial with a fine layer of Matt laquer
  5. I think you are right they are definitely out to sc*w you. Mind you I would have thought a Spacematic is a keeper though? Indeed, I did sell my other Longines on the pay only a £1 deal but stupidly allowed someone to come round and although they paid in cash (saving me the PayPal fees). They still wanted a discount - I think I knocked off £60 off the ebay purchase price. I'll not accept collection as an option next time
  6. In fact they said it wasn't worth their while, for a 7 month old two-tone 42mm quartz HydroConquest :(. No matter worth a try
  7. Cheers Jon, well I'll see what they offer me for my two-tone Longines Hydroconquest and whether the watch I want, they actually have
  8. Greetings, Has anyone have any experience of part exchanging a watch, when buying a new watch from chrontext.co.uk? Cheers john
  9. Agreed chaps, just doesn't seem right to me on all levels... Now time to see if I can find one for less than £2300 from a reputable company
  10. So, I've been buying some "Space" related watches of late and now I am interested in a Fortis B42 Cosmonaut Chronograph. I can get one for about £2300 but saw one on ebay. But something doesn't seem right to me.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fortis-B42-Cosmonaut-Automatic-Watch-/264416767510 First of all. I noticed that the "warranty" card is filled out with the wrong model 638.10.41 K when it should be 638.10.41 M. I did PM the seller and he said it was an error. But there doesn't appear to be all the other paperwork, I would expect to see. Plus the booklets etc are usually space themed and this warranty card isn't. The photographs are sparten and not great in quality ie no clear photo of the case back or watch sides etc. The seller sells a lot of low value stuff and failed to sell this watch at £1750 previously. So maybe others have been put off as the price seems to good to be true for a new B42?? ,,
  11. I just ordered one of these a CO42CYB Strela Chronograph 42mm. Not cheap though!!
  12. At least Squale are a Swiss brand from Switzerland, while Steinhart are German?
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