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  1. I've used them a few times without any issues I bought a watch the other week (Casio Protek) and came next day. They are UK based so no taxes within the EU.
  2. Well that's another watch ordered I guess there is no modern version of the Vostok Amphibian worn in space?
  3. So, as I'm in to collecting Space watches eg Speedmaster Moon ie, Fortis Cosmanuate, Sturmanskie Gagarin and Strela Chronograph etc. Are there any other "Space" borne watches I should get? eg Vostok?? Cheers John
  4. It's got to be my recently aquired Rolex Yacht-Master 16622.:)
  5. I think you can still buy them from Poljot24.de?? They're nit cheap though but a bit small for me at 38mm. https://www.poljot24.de/poljot-okean.html
  6. I just bought one of these to add to my other Space themed watches
  7. I still think my Pelagos is one of the best divers watches you buy?? Titanium build, lume like a torch and an extremely easy to read watch face
  8. Actually come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I bought an Orient watch from City watches without any issues
  9. I always thought they were creation watches??
  10. When I did something similar, I think I sprayed the dial with a fine layer of Matt laquer
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