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  1. Nothing wrong with Hublot, except being expensive but I do really like my BigBang though - probably more subtle this one?
  2. It looks like these were limited to 300, so the chances of getting one are pretty much impossible- probably just as well at that price
  3. About 19cm in circumference (that’s just over 7.5 inches) So I guess about average???
  4. I have one and it’s one of my all time favourites
  5. A final update.. Well the unwanted watch was sent back and they ordered the new watch (I didn't have to pay the difference at this point). Well within the delivery time period, I got a Whatsapp message from Rick, saying that the watch had arrived and that I would be invoiced for the difference. After a couple of days, I hadn't heard anything and had to chase Rick through Whatsapp - I did then get sent the payment invoice and was able to pay the difference. The watch arrived the next day and it is a very nice watch indeed. I seems that Rick does most of the donkey work and communication via emails was sporadic. I don't think they are dodgy but like other grey market outlays, they are probably understaffed and hence chaotic in their working - I had similar trouble with Watches of Essex - which turned out was a one guy company Anyway, here is the picture of the new watch Sorry to hear you had issues, they do seem legit but a bit unorganised, with Rick seemingly doing all the customer communications. As I found emails and using the website chat was usually a waste of time as I rarely got a response. I too had to tough in order to get them to collect my unwanted watch, although to be fair re-ordering a new one was a lot better. Have they resolved your issue ??? Now I have asked about purchasing a Breitling Aerospace from them (RRP £3260, their price £2850 - -12.5%) - I sent a request through Chrono24 yesterday but nothing heard so far though
  6. Breitling still out from a night out
  7. Lovely piece , no doubt very expensive though
  8. There are plenty of places to try... At least with Rolex you will definitely be able to sell it. But expect to be knocked down though Eg I bought a Two-tone Datejust from Watchfinder for £9750 - six months later I sold it to BQ watches and they offered £8000. BQwatches Watchfinder Blowers Hackett watches
  9. Got one of those myself, awesome watch I assuming that they couldn’t fit them all in, hence baton, Roman numerical, baton etc. Maybe a dot would have been better or smaller numerals??
  10. New arrival - Breitling Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 46 - UB0127211B1A1
  11. This just arrived, so I will be wearing it later on you can’t beat the “classics”
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