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  1. Hi & welcome....I have found this forum to be great & the members friendly & knowledgeable ....have fun :thumbup:
  2. My vote... leave it alone....it's earned everyone of those spots.... :thumbup:
  3. Doesn't rain it pours....bought these 3 beauties recently within a few days of each other...now I'll have to start saving again.. :shocking:
  4. Here's the Sunday wearer....my first Tudor
  5. Aroma nice SM120 I love the blue dial :yes: I have its little brother SM60... Now that SM300 n/d triangle is too :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:for...congrats lovely watch.
  6. Friday night grocery shopping.....chucking on old faithful...
  7. Well I have justified to myself that I need to keep both :tongue2: ..... I love the '66 it's not going anywhere. The watchco can be my daily wearer. Good grief now I have started something......now I am hunting :gunsmilie: a SM 300 triangle...
  8. Yes I have already made enquires last week at the AD..... :cry2: Not going to be available in Oz until somewhere between Sept & :newyear: ......Oh well more to save some $$ :yes:
  9. Great story but OMG you would have to be built like Arnie to wear the thing... :flex:
  10. That's a nice watch. I do like the red sec hand .. :yes:
  11. Just remember if the wife's happy.... life's happy.... :yes:
  12. Thanks Mach for your big effort ....really interesting & informative. Your collection is great....I love all the adverts too. :yes:
  13. Hi & welcome....that's a nice varied collection... I like the Omega's :yes:
  14. Hi Mariod & welcome .....nice collection :yes:
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