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  1. Hmmm I've never traded a watch in for another. I've accepted a couple of trades but ended up flipping them after a few weeks. It seems an interesting idea at the time but ultimately a watch that you originally had no intention of buying never lasts that long.
  2. Alpina have just launched a "bronze" version of their excellent heritage diver model which looks superb, except it's not actual bronze, it's bronze PVD coating. Doh!
  3. I've had a fair few but have now sold them all as my tastes have changed to more classic looking watches. Having said that, I tried on my buddy's Tudor Black Bay Bronze today and it's a fine looking watch.
  4. Oh my god. What a complete waste of money. If it just needs a new battery then any decent jeweller could do it for you. Damn, I could do it for you and I am an accountant.
  5. Well done - good classic taste. Love the Stowa - I've got the blue dial one.
  6. Very nice watch and that's a good price too.
  7. Nice but I hope you went for the no-date version.
  8. I do like the white one but am put off by the lack of sapphire crystal.
  9. Thanks chaps, but it's silver not white!
  10. These are two Daniel JeanRichard watches produced for Lancia by Girard-Perregaux. I picked up the black one about ten months back and like it so much that I recently snaffled the silver one as well. Quite dressy, measuring 26mm across by 41mm down, not dissimilar to a Jaeger le Coultre Reverso I suppose. Pick your favourite!
  11. That's what is known as a "hot mess". It's not a compliment.
  12. Ooh that's proper naff.
  13. Surely no-ones gonna pick up that piece of kiddy jewellery?! I've had better prizes out of Kinder eggs.
  14. These long waits, even for a Tudor, put me off of these watches. There are plenty of alternatives out there that you can spend your money on in the meantime and probably score a hefty discount off list if you shop around. Chances are by the time the Tudors are available you'll have gone off them anyhow, such is the fickle world of WISery. Let some other idiot pay full price and pick one up used when they are not so hot.
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