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  1. You can definitely spot that it's a Zenith but I can absolutely see the OP's point, I would feel that I was wearing a not so poor man's Daytona. I'd much rather have one of their multicoloured chronos.
  2. I feel like they've been around long enough and have enough presence not to be seen as a microbrand. They're gearing up production in the UK so that's of interest. The watches are built like tanks, definitely on a par with the likes of Breitling.
  3. Great watch for the price. Bremont are very well made watches. No surprise that it's sold out now. Did the OP take the plunge?
  4. I had the oxblood dial on the deerskin leather strap and it was a beautiful watch. Flipped it in the end as I thought it looked just a tad dated, but lovely watch nonetheless.
  5. Totally safe company, I've bought from them before. I don't know about the taxes point.
  6. Nice watch, I quite like the look of the blue/green version.
  7. Not a big fan of themed watches especially when they're overpriced but I gotta admit they've tried hard with this one: "The case back has the slivers of wood from a draw of his desk".
  8. Yes I do like the look of the grey/silver Railmaster.
  9. I looked at the blue denim Omega Railmaster alongside a blue Omega Globemaster and IMHO the latter oozed class and made the former look very cheap. Make sure you try before you buy!
  10. Hi Scott - I did that and this time it ran for the full 43 hours until the power reserve was empty. So it seems that it's an intermittent problem where the watch sometimes stops when off the wrist but should still have power. Hmmmmmm.
  11. I thInk Rolex are holding back on the brighter coloured dials to make them more sought after. The silver and blue dials seem to be two a penny (although people on eBay want at least a £1,000 premium for theirs). I saw a YouTube video by watch dealer David Khalil today, seems a decent sort so when he said that his company had bought £1m worth of Rolex in the last month I thought I'd check out their website. I found they are asking £8,500 for a yellow dialled OP41 which has a list price of £4,700. Bloody rob dogs, as my mum would say!
  12. Have a crack at repainting the dial yourself with some Airfix paint, what could possibly go wrong?
  13. Afternoon All, I recently purchased a lightly used Jaeger le Coultre Reserve de Marche, a model introduced in 2017 so a fairly young watch. It runs fine on the wrist but when I put it back in the watch box it runs fine at first but has a tendency to stop with the power reserve still showing around 10 hours of power left. As soon as I pick it up it seems to start running again. Any ideas what the issue is? It's one of the collection so I don't really need it to keep running when I'm not wearing it but is this a problem which is likely to escalate and needs to be fixed sooner rather
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