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  1. I've got a feeling that wearing a 41mm Nomos will be like strapping a wall clock to your wrist. I will owned a lovely 35mm Orion which wore perfectly as a dress watch on my 7.25 inch wrist. I've also owned two Nomos Clubs in the 37mm size which wore great as conservative casual watches. In summary, Nomos watches tend to wear larger than their dimensions suggest due to the fact that the bezels are so thin - they are "all dial". I would be very wary of a 41mm version.
  2. Ah now I hate mineral even more than acrylic. At least the latter can be relatively easily polished.
  3. What type of crystal does that one have then?
  4. @WRENCH You should probably be a bit more careful in future when posting such strong and emotive topics - you've opened up a whole can of worms!
  5. Excellent sector dial. I had a couple of the first run - beautiful watches but in the end I just couldn't live with the acrylic crystal, nothing happened to it but there was always that fear.
  6. There was definitely a chav period but you've come good in the end!
  7. Sorry but it looks like another dog's dinner from Tudor and yet another dress watch failure. I'm surprised they didn't stick the snowflake hands on it as well.
  8. Ha ha I am a big fan of Grand Seiko but that one is butt ugly! Don't love any of them so it's the Reservoir for me as something different.
  9. All pretty awful especially if you're actually trying to tell the time. I went with the Moser for overall aesthetic but I note that most of the grandads on here have gone for the Berthoud, which is probably the easiest to tell the time on
  10. Strangely I find myself wanting to see the Coral Red one in the flesh, so to speak. But then I am odd.
  11. I thought that all these watches were supposed to be available in the shops today, so disappointed by the lack of actual videos or photos on the web at the moment. Maybe I'm being impatient and they'll appear in a day or two, but I'm sick of the stock photos already!
  12. Hmmm, first thoughts are another crap year from Rolex. Adding 1mm to the Sub, replacing the perfectly sized 39mm OP with a 41mm in truly ghastly colours and some gold Sky-dwellers that no mere mortal can afford. Move along, nothing to see here folks.
  13. If you're after something quality rather than a chunk of branded junk then maybe consider something German such as Nomos or Stowa. Or for a Swiss brand, think Longines or Oris.
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