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  1. One day early Bremonts will be collectible and my Solo will be worth a fortune, just like Paul Newman's Daytona, I'm telling you now.
  2. Thank you. I try my best to keep it fresh.
  3. Off topic and puerile as hell, so apologies, but the words "lovely Oris" continue to amuse me.
  4. How about Farer - for a bit of British, Stowa - for a bit of German or Atelier Millesime - for a bit of Singapore?!
  5. Ok I'm an addict. I've probably been averaging around 20 per year but now down to only 3 in the last four months. I like to give everything a try, very few brands that I haven't owned, but I tend to get bored easily and almost everything ends up getting sold. The collection is only in the forties.
  6. I'm a serial flipper and I've sold over 200 watches in my time but the only one I regret selling is an Omega Seamaster Pro. But I wouldn't buy another now as it would cost me double what I sold it for.
  7. Haha I've just been on their website and all that's left are some of the ugliest watches I've ever seen. And in the 30% off section there's a limited edition watch which is still over £2k. Must be a typo, like the logo.
  8. Looks the same as all the other Aquis that Oris has been producing for the last three thousand years. It's a great watch but time to move on.
  9. Couple of beauties, well done.
  10. Very nice but I've got too many silver-dialled watches as it is. I shall have to pass.
  11. You really are quite the keyboard warrior aren't you?
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