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  1. Launched at Baselworld 2018 I believe and probably only just hit the shops - Longines are pretty crap at getting their new watches into the shops. Great if you missed out on the Legend Diver No Date, but a lot pricier.
  2. The Tudor Pepsi GMT is a horrible poor man's Rolex. NATO straps are awful. Roman numerals are crass not class. Egg in a burger or on a pizza is just plain wrong.
  3. I always laugh at the phrase "won on eBay". Does one really win, or just offer to pay more than anyone else wanted to?
  4. This thread needs a conclusion! Did the OP buy one or not?!
  5. My non-WIS mate bought one of these on my recommendation and he's well pleased with it.
  6. The Tudor is the nicer watch but I can't stand the dash of red at 12 o'clock!
  7. Thanks Richard. As a seller I guess I'm not that bothered about the customs duty and expensive postage charged to the buyer, but I'm sure it will put some off. As an update, this is no longer an issue for me as the US buyer failed to pay and I have had to cancel the transaction. Twat.
  8. I love my Bremont but I paid around 62% of list price for it brand new. The idea of buying one as an investment makes me laugh, it's just not that sort of brand. If you like the watch and the logo and the idea of handing it down then go for it, but it is very unlikely to appreciate or even hold its value.
  9. I always find the 10% off tempting, makes a decent difference when you're looking in the £500-£600 range.
  10. I went there with the missus once. Bagged me a nice Hamilton Automatic for about 60% of list price. Parking was a nightmare though, I wouldn't rush back.
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