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  1. My thinking is that Rolex has been restricting the supply of its watches and loosened those restrictions to enable these dealers to survive in these troubled times.
  2. Lovely watch, well done. I had the burgundy dial one until my tastes changed and I flipped it.
  3. Just to confirm that the High Street is in disarray - I ordered an Omega from Fraser Hart who took my money and then advised me the next day that the watch was in fact out of stock. It goes to show how bad customer service is here in the UK that I was actually impressed that it only took them a day to tell me. Again, I was offered a massive 10% off of another watch as recompense. When I declined, I was told that they would return my money in 3-5 days. So that's Ernest Jones and Fraser Hart on my sh*tlist.
  4. Quick update - when prompted by me, Ernest Jones asked if there was another watch I was interested in and when I picked one and asked for a discount they offered me a massive 10% off the sale price, even though the website was already offering an additional 15%. When I looked to take this forward, lo and behold the website was wrong and that watch was also out of stock. At which point I gave up.
  5. I've had both those Omegas. I'd recommend the Chrono-Quartz but not the Equinoxe.
  6. So Ernest Jones have replied. They are out of stock and so have cancelled my order. It's taken them 16 days to realise this and they have made no attempt to put the situation right, perhaps through the offer of an alternative watch or a discount on another purchase. Typically poor UK customer service at a time when these shops really should be doing all they can to foster customer goodwill.
  7. Chased Ernest Jones by email today, following their email on Monday, no further reply received to date.... They've had my £3,650 for over two weeks now. Truly appalling customer service.
  8. Apparently it is a long and complex process as I am still waiting for news. Perhaps the incumbent customer service adviser has had to saddle his pony and is currently trekking around the country to visit the shops in question.
  9. Finally a reply from Ernest Jones! They allocated my order to a store but that store is now out of stock so they are asking a couple of other stores who are still showing stock...
  10. Omega over the Tudor but if you really want a Sub then just save for that instead.
  11. I paid through PayPal using a credit card so I'm well covered but I would really like to see what Ernest Jones have to say for themselves. I feel that simply cancelling my order lets them off the hook. I posted in their Facebook page yesterday but still no reply.
  12. And still no reply from Ernest Jones, they've failed to even achieve their shoddy three day email response time. It's now 5 days and counting...
  13. I remember trying on the old Omega Planet Ocean with the orange bezel in an AD and thinking it felt like a cheap fake from the looky looky man.
  14. I hope it's something a little more exciting than a new movement for the Sub but I know that if it is a beautiful new model I've got no chance of getting hold of it in the short term, given the well known deficiencies of supply. So, as noted above, could all be a bit pointless really.
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