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  1. You really are quite the keyboard warrior aren't you?
  2. You're a bit judgemental really aren't you? Throwing insults now as well, thus rendering your initial complaint about the forum pitch forks completely invalid.
  3. Igerswis, as the OP it strikes me that the main culprit here is you. I do not exist merely to answer your questions, even if they are written in bold. Do one.
  4. £190 was just for the battery change and reseal. £490 got the watch serviced as well. I must admit I'm not sure how much work can be done on a Quartz movement, but surely a brand new movement wouldn't cost £300? The watch is hardly ever worn so doesn't need much on the cosmetic front. I'm not sure that paying nearly five hundred for a new Omega is such a great deal when you already own it.
  5. I've been speaking to my work colleague who took his 1993 Omega De Ville quartz watch into 'Goldsmiths' and then 'Ernest Jones' for a simple battery change. The former wanted £230 so he went with the latter at the bargain price of £190. The watch was duly sent off to Omega (because these things are sooooo technical) and he subsequently received a phone call to tell him that the watch needed a service or else it might not run. He has ended up paying £490 for the battery change and service. I am absolutely gobsmacked - I strongly suspect that the watch isn't even worth that much, notwithstanding any sentimental value.
  6. Well I enjoy it. I also enjoy Producer Michael's watch-based vids.
  7. You mean there are other watch brands out there?!
  8. Paul Thorpe's stuff is good, if slightly biased towards Rolex.
  9. Very nice. At 43mm I will be able to hang it in the kitchen and still see it from the bottom of the garden.
  10. I do like the look of the Longines and having no date is definitely a bonus. And unlike the JLC it is a true heritage model. But I didn't think it looked great in that video, perhaps a little flat. Certainly would need to see it in the flesh before parting with that sort of cash.
  11. Undoubtedly it's all legal and above board but that's not really the point. Decent customer service would see them honouring the original price at which you ordered at. End of. It's not like their margins would take much of a hit. Too much power appears to rest with these manufacturers and retail outlets which were bellyaching on their knees a couple of years back.
  12. I'm not saying that they'll con you, it is just good business after all, but they will offer the rock bottom price.
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