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  1. I must admit I find the upgraded Explorer II laughable. They've taken a not particularly popular watch and visually changed almost nothing. Where is the new bezel or GMT hand predicted by the Internet? At least something to make it look different. "Oooh it's got the new in-house movement" - big deal.
  2. Bit of a damp squib of a release really. But a 39 or even 41mm two tone Explorer might be interesting if it's released in due course.
  3. Rolex OP41 with Coral Red dial.
  4. Remember that Google is your friend... if you're selling something valuable then check up on the buyer online before meeting them. I find that anyone able to part with a few thousand normally has a decent job and hence an online profile to match. If they don't seem solid then don't bother.
  5. Quick, buy them all up! Prices of discontinued Rolex always rise! Seriously though, I love the old rectangular Cellini Prince, can't understand why there's no love for it. Yes, I know that Rolex are famous for their sports watches not their dress watches, but these are solid gold, very different and quite beautiful in their own right. Oh well.
  6. Roman Sharf and The Timepiece Gentleman are good entertainment.
  7. I quite like the new Breitling Top Time Deus but £4.1k is a bit steep for me.
  8. A half empty watch box makes for a bit of a depressing sight, but just look at the potential! Time to start the hunt...
  9. 3 great watches, no wrong choice here. I'd take the Rolex because I don't like date functions and being honest and like it or not Rolex is currently the main man.
  10. Unfortunately this topic is not what I was expecting.
  11. Just as importantly, aren't they EU-based, which means us UK residents will now be hit with a 20% VAT charge if buying from them?
  12. Duly signed. Half my collection have been bought used from Europe so this Brexit malarkey has destroyed my watch hunting!
  13. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I've cancelled my order.
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