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  1. As promoted by Producer Michael on YouTube I believe. Could be incredible value it's just a shame they are so goddamn butt ugly.
  2. At the moment due to a shortage of availability used examples of the white Daytona, the green Submariner and either the Batman or the Pepsi GMT sell for well above their list price, so those have held their value and indeed gained value terrifically well. Will that continue going forwards, who knows? But if you can get one for list price then you're laughing. To generalise, the Sports models hold their value best, Datejusts not quite so well and Cellinis not very well at all.
  3. Yes I've bought a few from them. No problems at all but you will get hit for UK import VAT at 20% plus the courier admin fee.
  4. I've gone ahead and ordered one. I do feel that they've missed the boat a bit on bronze, I've bought and flipped about a dozen, but never had one in 39mm (usually they are 42mm plus blocks) so it might stand the test of time.
  5. Nope, that's a todger, clear as day.
  6. Definitely the white one, the black is just so boring.
  7. I generally jump first and look later on these things, taking the view that it's better to regret doing something than to regret not doing something. If you don't like the watch, you can always sell it and if you take a small hit so what? The wife takes the opposite approach and dawdles until the handbag she's eyeing up has sold, then moans about it for days.
  8. Grand Seiko are very cool. Beautiful watches and great value for money, possibly the best kept secret out there. Get on board while you can! Blue Snowflake you say?
  9. Yes, I imagine the racing ones go quite fast.
  10. I had the chance to check out some Hublot watches in the flesh in Guam earlier this year but despite the fact that I was killing time with little to do, nothing they had on offer drew my eye. Absolute pish compared to the Grand Seiko they had on the next stand.
  11. Austin Daniels is good for Rolex comment, with lots of gratuitous shots of watches in Japanese shop windows. Bark & Jack can also be decent.
  12. Anyone who buys a green Pelagos thinking it's real is a monkey in a mansuit.
  13. Unfortunately my missus likes pretty much any watch I show her and never questions the cost, so there's a distinct lack of a safety valve!
  14. I also like the look of the blue bronze one but at 43mm I think it's too big. I had a Meistersinger once and it was great quality but once the novelty of the one hand wore off I'm afraid I found it unbelievably boring to look at!
  15. I would like to announce that I will also not be at the next Baselworld.
  16. I favour Breitling Pro Diver 2 straps. Not cheap but great quality caoutchouc rubber.
  17. Also, those who are financially stable and generally have sufficient spare funds available to collect watches might be finding that they are actually saving a few pounds at the moment through working from home and not having to pay for petrol, lunches out etc.
  18. Well I've owned a 39mm Oyster Perpetual which I believe has the same case as the current 39mm Explorer 1 and it wears well, if a little on the flat side. I've also owned a Milgauss and they are quite thick chunky watches which probably wear larger than their 40mm case size suggests - I believe the Air King uses a similar sized case to the Milgauss? If I had to pick from the three you suggest then I'd probably go for the Explorer 1 on the grounds that it is less bulky and is a classic design. Apologies but I find the Air King to be a bit of a dog's breakfast. Some say it could be a future classic, but I just don't see it.
  19. Pah, lost interest, no chance, just bought an Eberhard & Co. from a chap in Italy. Hopefully it'll arrive sans virus, but I'll give it a good wipe down just in case.
  20. Not a bad looking watch but essentially the same watch they've been turning out for years.
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