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  1. When I owned a 7006 it cam with the bracelet below which went really well You would need to dremel the ends from 20mm It is one off the bottom herehttp://www.watchworx.co.uk/pages/mwb/stainless.html
  2. I put my shrouded lug 7A38 on a nylon gasgasbones, so there are options
  3. Save all that faffing about and get yourself a decent one like this
  4. I bought one similar awhile back - it's an Alba case with a Seiko dial/movt This will shed some more light Seiko Alba Regards Derek
  5. Well done Jason, glad you got it all sorted - looks retrotastic 70's Beige my favourite colour :thumbup: Hope all the Millars have great fun in it :band: Derek
  6. Hi Paul, that is a lovely 7A38 :thumbsup: Maybe I am being thick here, but you would have the dimensions of the original crystal i.e. diameter and thickness - could you not then find a replacement based on these measurements. As you indicate Cousins sapphire range give both the diameter and thickness in their listing :read: BTW - I have measured an original flat mineral crystal taken out of a 7c43-7010 and it is 32mm (at the flat bottom edge) and about 30.4mm (at the top of edge) due to the bevelled edge and it is 2.5mm thick Good luck in sourcing the part :yes: Derek
  7. That is a lot of money :dontgetit: One of these sold for $895 (£548) on SCWF last September, the seller started at $945 with no takers - I did consider it but couldn't get past 'all titanium' = light and fluffy :derisive: Good luck to him but that is too much. Derek
  8. Congratulations Paul :clap: its been a fun and informative 2000 posts (well..........almost :grin: ) Derek
  9. Photo's of the 7T59 manual here 7T59 Manual Check the second post Derek
  10. Nice one Paul, love those hands :thumbsup: Also congrats on getting a SWMBO/710, must have missed that :blush2: :thumbup: Derek
  11. Well done Paul, nice of the seller to pack it in a matching box :thumbup: Derek
  12. That is a stunner :notworthy: , many congratulations Paul, waiting is the hard part - if you want to sell, let me know :ph34r: Derek
  13. +2 c'mon Paul, pull your finger out, we're waiting :read: Derek
  14. Well done Paul :thumbsup: that looks fantastic, I saw those on eBay but couldn't get my head round the seller listing all of them together, so chickened out. I have been after one for a while now. About the bezel - I would use a small amount of washing up liquid or baby oil between the bezel and case, then keep turning the bezel - I am sure it is just dirt in there. Regards Derek
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