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  1. :yahoo: Amazing!!! Looks like this: :thumbup:
  2. +1 for Rolex.... :thumbup: and may be better - BOTH of them :lol:
  3. I am using iPhone 4, and it makes really good photos but could you explain me please, how do you put macros lens. Sorry if I am asking silly question. Regards
  4. I am staring at this tool already 10 minutes, but not even an idea popped up in my mind about what could it be. :eek: Can you make pictures from the other sides please?
  5. It looks really, really, really gooooood! :thumbup:
  6. My watch love started approx 7 years ago on a meeting with some friends of mine. One of them was wearing Omega Seamaster Professional 300 M (James Bond)... AND... that was it. Later bought the model, but didn't stop there... :)
  7. You are right. I found the serial number here: http://www.thewatchf...showtopic=50202 It shows 1970. :thumbup: Thanks to everybody
  8. I manged :) and here they are: It's not really clean... 21 Jewels, 784-2
  9. Hehehehe, Thank you Drum 2000, I would never think to service the watch myself :)) I am not such a novice in the watch area ;) In fact I have such a tool but I bought it just to have it and than never used it... But now I will try to open it...and will see.
  10. That's the caseback: For sure I will visit my watchmaker, but I had no time the last few days. By the way the guy from whom I bought the watch claimed to be the second owner and as per his opinion it never been serviced. Despite this it keeps the time very good :shocking:
  11. Hello guys, These days I bought this vintage Tissot Visodate Seastar Automatic in a very good condition. I am very happy with it but I was not able to date it at all. Searched on the net but only found similar models, this one is hard to find. I will be grateful if someone help me with this issue. Thank you in advance and regards
  12. WOW! :eek: It's really interesting to see the whole process. Thank you for that :)
  13. Yesterday I found something really beautiful.... and bought it immediately :thumbup: Orient Automatic 17 Jewels (CAL.16720) in very nice condition, working amazingly well :yahoo: Here it is:
  14. Decided to start the day with something vintage ;)
  15. Very nice watch doc, I wish you success with the sell. :yes:
  16. Woooow!!!! Amazing collection really. I really envy you!!! :yahoo:
  17. Good one. Enjoy it. It's really hard to find in a such good condition
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